Craig Moore ran away from Bobo Balde after a Celtic derby match at Ibrox

By John McGinley

July 15, 2020

Former Celtic defender Bobo Balde had the reputation of being a player that opponents wouldn’t want to cross and former Rangers man Neil McCann has shared an anecdote to that effect on today’s BBC Sportsound podcast.

Balde made 235 appearances for the Hoops between 2001 and 2008, becoming a real fan favourite in the process for his no-nonsense, physical defending style.

Many a player in Scotland and on the continent found themselves on the receiving end of a Balde cruncher.

It spawned the chant ‘Bobo’s gonna get you’ from the stands.

During one derby match, however, ex-Australian international Craig Moore seems to have thought himself as a bit of a hard man, challenging Bobo to afters up the tunnel.

That bravado didn’t last long.

Speaking on today’s BBC Sportsound podcast, McCann explained: “I remember an Old Firm game at Ibrox and big Oz, Craig Moore, he could handle himself. He was really aggressive and stuff. He went up and clattered into Bobo Balde.

“There was a coming together and I remember big Oz pointing the finger at Big Bobo and saying ‘we’ll see mate, we’ll see when we get up the tunnel’.

“But I’ve never seen big Oz move so quick, he was running past me laughing, saying ‘is he coming Terry?’ ‘Is he coming?’

“I couldn’t stop laughing. Celtic fans have a saying ‘Bobo is going to get you’, I think if he had got his hands on him he would have ended him. If it all kicks off in the tunnel you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him.”

Bobo Balde in action for Celtic against Rangers / (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Balde won ten trophies with Celtic, including five league titles, proving himself to be one of the first-pick talents during the Martin O’Neill-era.

Clearly he had an impact on other teams and having that reputation likely gave him an advantage in duels before matches even started.

He’ll always be fondly remembered by supporters and stories like this are the reason why.

In other news, Celtic are said to be keen on changing SPFL rules concerning the quota of loan players that can be sent to Scottish clubs.