Daizen Maeda on his favourite Celtic teammate, hobbies, and his reaction to Irn-Bru

By David Walton

April 13, 2022

Celtic forward Daizen Maeda has labelled Josip Juranovic as his favourite teammate to hang out with as he took part in a Twitter Q&A this afternoon.

Maeda has quickly become a fans-favourite at Celtic Park after his January arrival from Yokohama Marinos. Supporters have been taken aback by his energy levels and commitment to the cause as he’s proved to be a major player for the club in 2022.

But today, he addressed some of the unknowns about his life in Glasgow so far, including his favourite teammate, hobbies, and his reaction to Irn-Bru! Here’s a look at some of his responses to the fan queries:

Juranovic and Maeda certainly appear to have struck up an on-field friendship at least. Josip is regularly seen celebrating with Daizen after his goals as he joins him in his trademark Anpanman celebrations.

More importantly, Maeda seems as though he’s adapted to life in Glasgow well. When things are going so smoothly at club level, it’s always likely to make the adaption period much better.

But that’s down to Daizen for how well he’s done since joining in January. And if he helps carry Celtic over the line to the title, he’ll almost certainly be a Champions League player in less than 6 months’ time.

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Daizen Maeda couldn’t have had a better start at Celtic

If Maeda had pictured his start to life at Celtic in his head before he joined, the dream scenario would’ve been exactly this. The supporters fully behind him whilst having proven himself as a goalscorer and one of the club’s hardest workers.

You can’t watch Daizen and dislike his style. It’s so full-on that there’s literally nothing negative you can say about it. He does what other players can only dream of due to his fitness levels. In truth, his hard work puts a lot of other so-called top players to shame.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It’s going to be absolutely enthralling to see how well Maeda adapts to Champions League football if we get there. Having that level of pressing within our squad is going to be invaluable. Who knows what could’ve happened in Europe this season had we signed back in the summer.

Even so, he’s here now and he looks to be having the time of his life. That was always going to be important, and the truth is Celtic seem to have hit the jackpot when it comes to how all 4 of our Japanese signings have integrated into Glasgow life.

Yet you still feel we’ve still to see the best of Maeda in particular. His impact over the next few weeks is going to be huge.

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