David Moyes thinks Celtic could hold their own in Premier League; shares Rodgers tidbit

By John McGinley

September 30, 2019

Former Manchester United manager David Moyes believes Celtic could be a strong force in the English Premier League, if the club had access to the riches on offer, speaking on beIN Sports.

The concept of Celtic taking part in the high-profile league down south is something that pundits seem to enjoy talking about.

It’s long been an underlying idea bubbling under the surfrace – just what would happen if the Hoops were unleashed on English football?

Moyes reckons we wouldn’t do too badly at all.

Speaking on beIN Sports on Sunday, he said: “Celtic, for the people who don’t know Celtic, are a really proud club with supporters worldwide. Arguably one of the biggest clubs in the world, Celtic.

“I think if they were in the Premier League, like Glasgow Rangers, I think both the teams would be certainly mid-table if not better in England because of their support base, once they all got the funding.”

It’s a fair point of view considering our attendances, marketing potential and renowned reputation.

If we had massive amounts of TV money on offer, we’d be one of the big forces in Britain as well as in Europe.

(Photo by Jose Miguel Fernandez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Rodgers claim

The former Everton boss, who has been seen at Celtic games over the last 12 months, also shared a juicy bit of information on former Hoops boss Brendan Rodgers, claiming that he had been lined up for the Leicester City post long before he made the move in February.

Again, as quoted by beIN Sports, he said of the issue: “I had heard Brendan was lined up for that job quite a long time before he got it. I think a lot of people had heard the story. I think Brendan was always going to come back.”

That would certainly go against the official narrative at the time. Rodgers’ move to Leicester was portrayed as a shock opportunity he couldn’t turn down and had to take mid-season.

It’s not worth re-litigating. Supporters have made their feelings clear on the issue already. However, it is interesting that those within football were not surprised at all by the switch.

If that’s true, then Celtic would have had advance notice too.

Moyes’ comments show that reality is often quite a distance away from the PR explanations.