David Moyes thinks Celtic could hold their own in the Premier League; he's right

By John McGinley

November 12, 2019

Former Premier League manager David Moyes thinks Celtic could hold their own in the English top-flight, speaking to BBC Sportsound this week.

Moyes has a long career in charge of clubs such as Everton, Manchester United and West Ham, so knows all about the quality on offer down south.

Also knowledgable when it comes to Scottish football, he’s well placed to field questions on comparisons between the Hoops and high-profile English clubs.

He reckons that both Celtic and Rangers could well end up becoming a mid-table club down south if given the opportunity to earn the TV money on offer in the division.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound (11/11), Moyes said: “With the money, and sometimes the people in England will laugh at it, with the money both clubs have got, both clubs would be mid-table in the Premier League.

“I genuinely don’t think they could touch the big clubs over the piece. Could they avoid relegation? I think so.

“It wouldn’t be easy but I think to see the two really big clubs in this country compete down south would be something a lot of people would get a lot of pride in.”

(Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Double joy against Lazio is strong evidence

Moyes is right of course. If we had access to the riches of the Sky Sports and BT Sport TV deals it would unlock Celtic’s potential as a major player.

However, recent evidence suggests that Neil Lennon’s side are already operating at a level which could compete in the Premier League.

We didn’t dominate either match against Lazio, but picking up two wins against the third-placed side in Serie A is surely proof enough we could hold our own in one of the top five European leagues.

Playing in a bigger league would also likely allow us to hold on to some of our better talents. Would boyhood fan Kieran Tierney have left for Arsenal if we operated at a similar level? I doubt it.

A Premier League move is likely something that will never come to fruition, but anyone wishing to denigrate Celtic and Scottish football is just showing how out of touch they are.