David Turnbull is a reindeer and Scott Brown in 2085: The best of Celtic Twitter this week

By Euan Davidson

December 11, 2020

In news that will shock precisely no-one, Celtic fans have felt both intense misery and absolute delight this week. A drab 1-1 draw with St. Johnstone was followed by a 3-2 victory over Lille.

In what was labelled a “dead rubber”, Celtic played a youthful and vibrant side against the in-form Frenchmen and came out on top.

It felt good. Very good.

Now, we try not to be prone to hyperbole, but it can be largely agreed that Soro and Turnbull were fantastic last night. Some are already calling for the ex-Motherwell man to be called up to the Scotland squad. Or given the captaincy.

Maybe he’ll be the country’s next First Minister. Anything’s possible.

Once again, we searched through Twitter for some of the best Celtic patter from this week.

Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

Antlers and ABBA

First off, imagine not playing David Turnbull. Then, imagine both not playing David Turnbull, and getting him to wear antlers for an animated GIF.

Another player would’ve called his union rep by now. Turnbull, though, seems to be taking it in his stride.


Turnbull’s performance even got fans in a singing mood. Here, Lindsay Hamilton, the head and co-chair of Proud Huddle CSC sang the midfielder’s name to ‘Fernando’ by ABBA. A-ha!


Soro’s back pockets

There was equal praise for Ivorian midfielder Ismaila Soro. The youngster hasn’t seen a great deal of action since arriving at Celtic Park, but last night he was absolutely imperious.

Fair to say, then, that Celtic fans have taken to the defensive midfielder:


Inevitably, but hilariously nonetheless, the Ivorian’s surname gave some ammunition to the jokers of Celtic Twitter:


Meanwhile, there’s nothing strange or funny about this absolutely accurate photo of Soro and Turnbull from last night:


Cynicism? Amongst Celtic fans? Never…

There was still room for the gallows humour that’s kept Celtic supporters going over the last couple of months. Many fans are predicting Scott Brown will somehow make the team on Sunday, and are pre-emptively angry.


Celtic Spares made a grim prediction about the club in 2085:

Kicking things up a notch, @marxistteach made this stirring threat:

Meanwhile, Neil Lennon has taken ‘kicking every ball’ to strange new places.



That’s your lot, folks. Here’s hoping it’ll be universal happiness and memes this time next week.