Celtic great Davie Hay has sounded a warning to the Hoops support. He is concerned that a section of Celtic Park could be closed down after the Hoops were once more fined by UEFA for setting off flares in the match against Cluj.

Hay is concerned that if flares are used by the support again, UEFA’s next sanction will be more than just another fine.

“It may well be that the next step will be UEFA closing the standing section of the ground for a match or two, and that would be a real shame” Hay said, writing in his column for the Evening Times.


“Don’t want to see them cross the line”

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“The atmosphere all around the stadium was fantastic on the whole at the Cluj match, and that section played a huge part in that. You don’t want to see them cross the line though by disregarding the rules, but I doubt it will stop soon” he concluded.

It will be, as Hay indicates, a ‘shame’ if the standing section was closed for a game at Celtic Park. In big games especially, that section of the ground creates what at times can be an incredible atmosphere.

Use of flares brings risk of more sanctions

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However, the fans who bring flares into the stadium run the risk of that section being closed for a European night at Celtic Park.

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There is no doubt that the atmosphere will be incredible at the Hoops’ upcoming Europa League clash with Lazio. A large part of that will be down to the fans.

Hopefully that atmosphere will not include flares, or the Hoops will face yet another sanction from UEFA.

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