Davie Provan slams Dermot Desmond; calls for fan representation on Celtic board

By David Walton

November 18, 2021

David Provan has slammed principle Celtic shareholder Dermot Desmond for his AGM no-show yesterday.

Desmond made it 15 consecutive years without an appearance in what should be one of the most important professional days of his calendar year. Instead, his son Ross represented him at the meeting, as he did last year.

It comes at a time when Celtic fans have been left furious by the dismal mismanagement of the football club over the last 12 months. Yet despite increased levels of distrust and hatred towards the board, Desmond sr continues to be a no-show.

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And Provan wasn’t having it yesterday as he urged for the board to consider fan representation at the top table. Speaking on the Go Radio Football Show, Provan said: “I don’t think it’s a good look [Desmond no-show]. I know Celtic is a small part of the Desmond business empire but with the amount of people that care about the club, I think he could make an effort to turn up and show his face. It would go down well with supporters.

“It just doesn’t look good when he’s skipping it. As for Ian Bankier saying he’s going to back Postecoglou… I’m not sure the supporters pay too much attention to what Mr Bankier says.

“I would really like, in the fullness of time, to see more support influence on the Celtic board. A lot of them have been there for too long. They failed the club recently, failed the club badly by getting complacent. The board, as well as the team, needs new blood.”

“Bankier was rattled” | Celtic 2021 AGM Reaction

“Bankier was rattled” | Celtic 2021 AGM Reaction
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Davie Provan pulls no punches at the Celtic board as AGM shows them up

Make no mistake, yesterday was a massive embarrassment for the Celtic board. The voted in overwhelming numbers to ensure chairman Ian Bankier wasn’t re-elected. However, thanks to Desmond’s votes, he kept his place despite 90% of the room wanting him gone.

That’s utterly shocking. And it shows just how minimal a say fans currently have in the running of the football club.

The frustration comes in that actually getting fan representation onto the Celtic board would need to lead to changing in the way of thinking from those already on it. For example, could you honestly see Desmond wanting increased fan influence?

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Of course he won’t. That’s been proven in the past with how often it’s been voted down. After all, we’ve to believe the current regime are Celtic supporters. But nothing has shown them up like the last 12 months have managed to.

Their insistence on backing Neil Lennon and making a mess of 10-in-a-row cost us badly last term. Their bundling over the Eddie Howe saga was a PR disaster meanwhile. We’ve not even mentioned the Dominic McKay ridiculousness either.

Yet through all of it one thing has remained – a lack of accountability. No consequences appear to result in the bad mismanagement of our football club for those in the boardroom. Don’t hold your breath then for greater fan representation.

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