Davie Provan strangely longs for days of Jim Farry in angry Scottish FA rant

By John McGinley

May 24, 2020

Former Celtic player Davie Provan has launched fierce criticism in the direction of the Scottish FA for sitting back and letting the recent SPFL drama unfold without comment, writing in his Scottish Sun column.

The powers that be at the national association did not comment on or get involved in anything related to club votes and calls for independent investigations into the league body’s conduct.

The Scottish FA, of course, do not run the league competitions.

Provan though thinks they’ve let themselves down not showing their authority a bit more, feeling they could have cast light on what was going on behind the scenes.

He aimed particular criticism at chief Ian Maxwell.

As quoted by The Scottish Sun, the former Celtic man said: “It’s clear he [Maxwell] doesn’t have a clue where our game is headed right now. My own hunch is that Maxwell and Neil Doncaster will end up at Holyrood begging for a taxpayer bailout.

“Either way, a bit of leadership from the SFA is overdue. Up until now the governing body has been posted missing. Meanwhile, down the corridor the SPFL has been running the leagues like the Sicilian Mafia.

“When Maxwell and running mate Rod Petrie should have been blowing the whistle on Doncaster’s gang, they washed their hands of responsibility.

“Those of my vintage will recall different times. Ernie Walker and Jim Farry both had their faults, but they ensured the SFA was always in charge. Those running the leagues knew their place. They were the junior partners in the relationship. Now the SFA is barely relevant on Hampden’s sixth floor.”

Reminiscing about the days of Jim Farry is a bit outrageous as those Celtic supporters of a certain age will know.

He was sacked from his Chief Exec role in 1999 after a scandal regarding the registration of Hoops icon Jorge Cadete (BBC).

The Portuguese forward missed vital matches towards the end of the 1995/6 season sparking a bitter dispute between Celtic and the SFA.

I’m not sure that’s the kind of governance we need these days, especially with the challenges facing Scottish football.

Hampden stadium / (Photo by Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images)

The SFA, along with the SPFL, have to their credit set up a Joint Response Group to deal with the current pandemic.

It’s through these meetings that clubs will be empowered to move forward.

Provan is clearly still upset with the SPFL for their handling of the recent vote crisis but it’s surely time to move on and focus on what’s coming, rather than what’s behind us.