Dedryck Boyata could very well be in line for a new contract if Brendan Rodgers’ comments last night were anything to go by.

As everyone now knows, Boyata put up a cryptic video on social media yesterday. The video showed the centre-back watching a cartoon with a contract emoji on the video. The camera also showed what seemed to be a lengthy bit of paperwork on a table in front of him.

This got the Celtic fans into a frenzy yesterday afternoon. Boyata has been widely speculated to leave the club in January after a lengthy saga in the summer.

Dedryck Boyata and Brendan Rodgers get on extremely well (Ole Martin Wold/AFP/Getty Images)

When it was put to Rodgers by BT Sport after last night’s 1-1 draw with Motherwell, however, he certainly didn’t rule it out.

“I have to say, I’m not a social media man. I’m probably anti-social media, so I haven’t a clue what goes on there.

“If he signed a contract for Celtic that’d be great because he’s a great player.

“I’ll speak to him tomorrow and hopefully he will enlighten me.”

There must be something in this

There simply has to be something in the stalwart’s video. Considering the summer saga is still a touchy subject, it would be foolish of him to tease supporters only for it not to be a Celtic contract.

The Belgian stopper will be subject to some intense speculation the closer we get to January, but Celtic could strongly do with him signing up for the club.

With Filip Benkovic set to head back to Leicester City in the summer, it would be an incredible boost for Celtic if they tied down Boyata.

You also have to take into account Rodgers’ reaction to the whole event. If he had genuinely nothing to say about the incident then he would’ve made that very clear. Instead, he struggled to hide behind a poker-face during his interview, and it was evident something is behind it.

We’ll no doubt learn much more about this situation in the coming days. Is Boyata truly set to sign on once more with Celtic? Surely we’re about to find out.

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