Defeatism only hands Rangers easy title win; Celtic must unite in hope

By David Walton

January 4, 2021

Am I being an overly-optimistic Celtic fan in believing the 10 can still be won? Am I being delusional with the suggestion there’s still a chance?

I don’t really care to be honest. Maybe I am. But even so, you won’t ever hear me concede the title outright to our rivals. Not with 19 games remaining. I’ll always put some faith into this Celtic side that they can turn the tide.

Keep the faith comes to mind. Even if certain decisions made by the club can feel more alienating than unifying.

But there’s one thing I do know – a defeatist atmosphere surrounding the club does absolutely nothing for us. All it does is hand Rangers an easy title win and really does put 10-in-a-row to bed. Nobody wants that.

It’s probably why David Turnbull was so bullish in his response to the Rangers game. Talk of playing our rivals off the park and not giving up hope is crucial (Daily Record). Why should we? If we’re giving up the title then what’s the point? Especially in a season as vital as this one.

Celtic sit 19 points behind. That’s mental and can’t be dressed up in any real way. But say we win those three games in hand, just for discussion’s sake. And spare me the idea there’s nothing to suggest we can’t win them. That takes it down to 10 points. It’s still a mammoth gap.

Celtic now have no room for error whatsoever

We then need to win all 19 games whilst hoping Rangers drop four points outwith the derby games. If we’re trying to look at things positively then here’s something to take into consideration:

The Ibrox side have had as good a half of a season as they’ll ever have and many would agree it likely wouldn’t be replicated in the second half. How many points did they drop to other clubs? Four. Their loss to St Mirren in the Betfred Cup could also easily have been a league game. That’s Livingston, Hibernian, and St Mirren that have all gotten something from Rangers this season.

If that happens again and we win both derby games – we’ll win the league (assuming we win all 19 games). Neil Lennon has previously won 17 consecutive league games as Celtic boss. He’ll have to produce a club first it looks like to have any chance of securing the title this season.

Neil Lennon needs a miracle for Celtic to win the league; but they do happen (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Look I get it. It’s the most optimistic way you can possibly look at things. But that’s what we’ve resorted to. I would much rather take a look at things in a positive manner than just concede the title to Rangers. Not when we showed at Ibrox we can outplay them.

It’s going to take one almighty run of form. But we’ve worked hard for nine years to get to this moment. It’s still worth fighting for.

Talk of just playing a bunch of youngsters or not really caring about the next few games isn’t on for me. If you’re blooding in youth it has to be the right youths. Every game is now more important than ever. Not to mention we have the chance to be the first side to ever win the Scottish Cup five times in-a-row. What an achievement that would be.

So let’s keep the chin up and see what January brings. One thing’s for sure if nothing else – just conceding the title is the worst thing we can do.

In other news, Gary Caldwell has tried to talk up the dominance of Celtic in Saturday’s derby.