Derek McInnes' "common sense" comments are an insult to Celtic

By David Walton

December 23, 2019

Derek McInnes’ presser today saw him continue his arrogant and dismissive approach to Sam Cosgrove’s red card on Saturday.

Despite the dangerous lunge from the Englishman that saw him sent off, McInnes has continued to moan and cry about it ever since. After the game, he just about targeted everyone. He had a pop at the decision, Kristoffer Ajer, and also decided to splurt out something Neil Lennon told him in a private conversation (

Aberdeen have, unsurprisingly, appealed the decision from Saturday. A decision will be made on his availability tomorrow, with the striker in line to miss the Livingston game on Boxing Day.

Derek McInnes continues the idea  (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Yet McInnes continued today to dismiss the severity of the challenge. Speaking at his presser via the Daily Record, he said the following:

“I’m hopeful that we’ve a chance to right a wrong with Sam’s red card As I said, for me it’s never a red card. I’m not considering being without Sam on Thursday and hopefully common sense will prevail.”

McInnes needs to get a grip here

He’s entitled to an opinion. He can believe it’s not a red card. That’s absolutely fine and nobody can grudge him that considering plenty of others will feel the same.

However, it’s the way McInnes is dismissing the danger of the tackle. There’s no “Well I can see why it was given” or “Perhaps Sam has done this” etc etc. McInnes seems to think the challenge was an absolute cracker with no risk to it whatsoever.

Sam Cosgrove was rightly sent off for his foul on Kristoffer Ajer (David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

He clearly hasn’t watched the replays enough. Ajer has to take his leg away in order to avoid contact. If he doesn’t, goodness knows what could’ve happened to the Norwegian.

Cosgrove goes flying through the air with his challenge. As soon as he does that, he isn’t in control of the tackle. It becomes a lunge more than anything, and that, unfortunately, is reckless play. Which, ultimately, leads to a sending off.

Ajer was lucky to avoid serious injury (Andy Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images)

It would be extremely surprising if Cosgrove gets away with this, and pretty damning too. If Aberdeen had managed to turn the game around, it would hardly be surprising if McInnes was less partizan over the issue. It’s an insult to Celtic and our centre-back, who was lucky to avoid serious injury.

But the fact McInnes isn’t willing to tone down is pretty poor from a professional football manager. Is he so bitter that he can’t bring himself to see why the challenge is dangerous? We’ll post it again below. Watch how Ajer has to take away his foot in order to avoid the follow-through. To say there’s no danger? Absolutely ludicrous. It’ll be interesting now to see what happens tomorrow.