Dermot Desmond absent from AGM; Celtic Trust and Shared react

By David Walton

November 17, 2021

Celtic Trust and Celtic Shared have reacted angrily to the news that Dermot Desmond is again missing from this year’s AGM.

Desmond will instead be represented by his son Ross once again. Celtic’s principle shareholder hasn’t attended a single AGM stretching back to 2006. However, with a host of key topics on the agenda today, now would’ve been an ideal time for him to front up to some responsibility.

And supporters group Celtic Shared have reacted to his non-appearance on Twitter this morning, quickly followed by the Trust:

Desmond’s 15-year absence from meetings continues once more, but nobody can say it comes as much of a surprise. It’s not something he appears interested in putting in the effort to come out and take part in.

And in doing so he’s missing a key chance to reconnect with some supporters. Decisions like these have only pulled many in the fanbase away from Desmond. It’s not a great look, and considering some of the points that will likely come up today, an appearance would’ve been ideal.

Don’t expect an explanation for his absence either.

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Dermot Desmond disappointingly yet expectedly snubs yet another Celtic AGM

When it comes to key issues on the agenda today, you can expect the likes of Bernard Higgins’ appointment to come up in what’s been a move that’s severely angered the Celtic support.

You then have the mystery over what happened with Dom McKay’s swift tenure as Chief Executive. What about his replacement? Is Michael Nicholson the long-term successor or just a stop-gap?

And where did it all go so wrong with Eddie Howe? The manager many believed was all but signed on at Parkhead? How did we drop the ball on that one so embarrassingly?

Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images

These are absolutely massive talking points. All things you can expect to come up at one stage or another today. Desmond should be at the forefront of any and all explanations.

Instead, he’s making the decision to leave the Celtic support lingering. And it paints a picture of a figure lacking the level of interest a principle shareholder should have in his football club.

But who’s honestly surprised?

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