Doughty still to make decision on future; Celtic must move quickly

By David Walton

January 13, 2021

The prospect of Alfie Doughty to Celtic doesn’t appear to be totally dead just yet after the latest update on his future today.

The Glasgow Times reported two days ago that Celtic were “poised” to miss out on the winger. This was due to the idea that the player had chosen to join Stoke.

But it appears that doesn’t appear to be the case just yet. Indeed, Celtic haven’t as of yet had been reported to have sent an offer into the League One club. However, Doughty’s decision seems nowhere near made up.

Doughty’s manager, Lee Bowyer, has provided a telling update on his future today. Despite speaking to three Championship clubs, the winger’s decision hasn’t yet been made.

Still time for Doughty to consider an offer from Celtic

It still looks as though the odds are against us here, but Celtic shouldn’t give up on this one.

It seems a tough bewildering that we haven’t as of yet offered Doughty a route up north. Especially considering we had multiple offers rebuffed last summer. The Glasgow Times reported that Stoke had seen an offer of £650k accepted for Doughty – this isn’t an expensive deal to get done.

But if we’re going to move, we have to do so now. In that sense, we’re going to see just how much Celtic want the Charlton starlet. Whether he’s a priority for the club or not. Our lack of urgency to sign him in the first half of the window suggests it’s the latter.

Alfie Doughty takes on a defender / (Photo by CLIVE ROSE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

However, there’s no doubt Charlton will look to make it more difficult for us. Clubs in Scotland can snap English youngsters up for nothing six months before they’re out of contract. So Charlton will be looking for him to make the move this month instead.

If Celtic want him enough, they’ll cough up more than the competition. If they don’t, you’ll likely see Doughty sign for a Championship club in the coming days or weeks.

But it’s interesting that the player has spoken to all clubs yet hasn’t made a decision. If there was ever a time in this saga to make a move, it’s now.

The next few days will be telling in this one, but Doughty’s move to Stoke isn’t the done-deal it appeared to be.

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