Dundee United’s managing director Mal Brannigan has insisted that the Terrors have no ambition to win the league on a technicality or indeed to see things ruled as null and void.

United are in an extremely similar position to Celtic. Whilst Neil Lennon’s side sit 13 points clear at the top of the Premiership tree, United are 14 clear in Scotland’s second-tier.

A championship win for United would also mean that they get promoted to the Premiership. It would be their first time in Scotland’s top league since their relegation back in 2016. Therefore, they have everything to lose from a potential null and void.


The Scottish Premiership title debate rumbles on

The Scottish Premiership trophy (Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

However, speaking on the club’s official Twitter account about the current situation, United’s Brannigan showed no appetite to be just given the league title:

“My opinion, and that of the board, would be that we would like to see the season through. I know the statement that has come through from UEFA very much gives us a bit of clear run as regards getting the league campaign finished.

“We can see the (Euro) 2020s will be held in 2021 and we’re not quite sure yet what is going to happen with the UEFA competitions, the Champions League and Europa League. I think the most important thing is that the national leagues be completed.

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“We are top and we have been top since day one. We are 14 points clear and we are there on merit. We would like to see the season through and if we are still there by the end of the season then we have deserved to be promoted. It is much more important to us as an organisation to have that delivered because of what we have achieved rather than by default.”

Any club with sense would take United’s stance

Any club that has an appetite for football would 100% agree with United here. Brannigan goes on to state that null and void shouldn’t happen either. Therefore, it’s clear United are also keen to defend what they’re about to achieve.

The Championship leaders are in the exact same position as Celtic. They know they’re going to win the league. It’s inevitable and shouldn’t be taken away from them. However, you have to admire their desire to see things through.

Neil Lennon will feel the exact same way. Sure, he stated at his presser on Friday that Celtic should be declared champions. Yet that was only because he was asked what should happen if the league ends. He wasn’t asked what his preferred stance would be overall.

Neil Lennon in Cluj

Neil Lennon in Cluj (Paul Ursachi/MB Media/Getty Images)

United even showed their strong appetite for football as Brannigan went on to claim that they would happily play games behind closed doors. That’s an idea the likes of Rangers have strongly expressed their displeasure with. Of course, Rangers have everything to gain from null and void. It makes a power of difference.

Given both the SFA and PFA have pretty much ruled it out, United’s closed-door hopes look faint in any case.

But Celtic will almost certainly hold the exact same stance as the Championship club. If there’s absolutely any way whatsoever – regardless of who it upsets, the season must come to an end. If it simply can’t, common sense must prevail. We all know what means.


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