Eddie Howe agent comments on the record about Celtic speculation

By Euan Davidson

April 7, 2021

Celtic managerial target Eddie Howe has gone a little quiet over recent days.

Over Friday and Saturday, it seemed like his hiring was imminent. The Sun reported that a deal had been agreed “in principle” between Celtic chiefs and the ex-Bournemouth boss.

However, tonight Sami Mokbel, Chief Football Writer at the Daily Mail, passed on comments from Howe’s agent.

Howe’s agent said:

“There has been significant interest in Eddie from a number of clubs. However, talks of any deal being close are extremely premature. His plan remains to not return to management until the summer at the earliest.”

This has, of course, given rise to concerns amongst the Celtic fanbase. In the Celtic supporter media and on social media, there had been genuine buzz about the ex-Premier League manager. Several outlets were already reporting transfer targets, and most of us spoke as if a deal was done.

There was a few naysayers, including Gordon Strachan. The former Scotland boss told Premier Sports ahead of Celtic’s win over Falkirk:

“I’d like to think Celtic will not be putting all their eggs in the one basket. That would be very silly, I’m sure they’re speaking to other people out there because if conversations go on over two or three weeks it could change.

“Positions can change, everything could change.

“There could be other clubs involved. So I like to think, and they are clever enough, that the board will be looking at other options, and there are other good options out there as well.”

Eddie Howe could be on his way to Celtic / (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

No need for Celtic supporters to panic over Eddie Howe just yet

Let’s be clear, here.

Agents do this kind of thing all the time. How often has a footballer been close to signing a deal, before an agent stepping in and saying “nothing’s been confirmed yet”? Football agents have to use all the tools at their disposal to get the best deal for their client. In Howe’s case, that could be Celtic, or a different team.

Also, it seemed pretty clear that if Eddie Howe was to become the new manger of Celtic, there’d be no point in rushing it. If he had the rest of the season to assess the squad’s strengths and weaknesses, he’d be better placed to review what needs doing. A big pre-season becomes easier if the manager knows his players in advance.

It’s not to insult anyone by suggesting that panic is unwarranted; it’s a rational response. But let’s just see how the land lies over the next few days.

This could just be the final twist before the result we all want.

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