Emilio Izaguirre recommends Kervin Arriaga as a potential signing to Celtic

By John McGinley

July 22, 2021

Emilio Izaguirre has recommended Kervin Arriaga as a potential signing to Celtic.

Arriaga plays as a midfielder for Marathon in his native Honduras and has yet to make the big leap to European football at 23.

Izaguirre told journalist Gustavo Roca of Diario Diez that he’s been in touch with the Bhoys to tell the club all about his compatriot.

The intention of the club was to check him out at the Tokyo Olympics but Arriaga missed out due to injury.

Izaguirre said: “When I saw Arriaga I really liked how he plays, he is a player set for export and he can be an elite in Europe.”

Izaguirre of course is a former cult hero at Celtic. If he’s recommending a player, it’s very likely that our supporters will listen at the very least.

No doubt many will now be tracking Arriaga and his career online. There’s not much information out there on him at the moment.

Celtic are also well-stocked in the midfield department.

However, it’s a name to throw into the mix and Celtic shouldn’t dismiss Izaguirre’s recommendation out of hand. Some decent players have come out of Honduras over the years. Arriaga has won a senior cap with his country too and looks to be on the verge of bigger things.

With Arriaga missing out on the Olympics, it’s unclear whether the club are pursuing it further. One to watch!

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