McCoist shows up Sutton with defence of Kennedy's Celtic comments

By Euan Davidson

April 17, 2021

Even Ally McCoist has come out to defend Celtic interim boss John Kennedy.

Following the ridiculous back and forth over Kennedy’s “best in the country, on our day” comments, the interim Celtic boss has been pilloried by people who refuse to read to the end of a paragraph. The likes of Kenny Miller, Borna Barisic and even Chris Sutton, have lobbed criticism at the temporary boss.

Yet, Kennedy found an unusual backer in Ally McCoist. The Rangers legend, speaking on BT Sport’s Scottish Football Extra, blasted Sutton for his response to the claims.

McCoist said [BT Sport]:

“I think the point he was trying to make was, that on his day, he believes Celtic are more than a match for anybody. And they can play the best football, on their day, in the country.

“I get it. I don’t have a big issue with something. You know something, I’ll ask you this Mr [Chris] Sutton? If he’d come out said “we’re second best, we’ve got a mountain climb. This Rangers team are Champions, oh what a tie for us going to Rangers”? He’s been positive, the man! Give him a break!”

Sutton replied:

“Wow, how patronising can you get?”

Celtic interim manager John Kennedy / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

You can see both sides of Ally McCoist/Chris Sutton debate over Celtic interim boss John Kennedy, but it remains a fuss over nothing

Hopefully, this is the last word on all this, because honestly it’s getting tiring.

During Covid, players and public figures alike have had far more time to stew over comments. Stories that might not have caused much of a reaction are earning multiple responses and think-pieces. Yes, I realise the irony of saying that, having written one.

As incongruous as it is for us to agree with Ally McCoist, he’s right. John Kennedy was just being positive about our chances going into what’ll be a fiercely fought Glasgow Derby. Without supporters in attendance, the Derbies have been comparatively meek, so Kennedy raising the temperature a little will do the tie no harm.

That, and what he said was true. This Celtic squad have proven their abilities before, but we’ve had an absolutely shocking season. Enjoying a revival of sorts under John Kennedy, he’s right to be confident about our chances. This is still a talented team of players.

Kennedy fancies his side to come out on top. For that to have been misinterpreted is a symptom of the times we live in.

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