Ex-Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers shows class with Klopp message

By Euan Davidson

February 13, 2021

There are, rightly, many Celtic supporters who don’t like Brendan Rodgers.

However, some things are bigger than football. Following the sad news of the passing of Jurgen Klopp’s mother, Brendan Rodgers was one of the first on the phone to the Liverpool boss.

Rodgers, who of course managed Liverpool prior to Celtic, still has a warm relationship with the club. The ex-Bhoys boss seems to also enjoy a cordial relationship with the German boss, but he has won the respect and admiration of many in the game with his comments in a press conference.

Responding to a question about getting in touch with Klopp to offer his condolences, Rodgers said [Liverpool Echo]:

“I just have empathy for the situation. Sometimes you have to have gone through it. My mother died when she was 53 years of age, and I’ve seen Jurgen’s mother passing away at 81. Whatever age it comes at, once that mortality kicks in it’s very, very tough.

“When I seen the news and it came up, [I called] 1. because of his mother passing away and 2. not being able to be there. When you’re in that situation, the role of supporting your other family members is very important. That’s something you take on in the roles that we play in our family.

“For him not being able to do that, I had empathy for him. And I just wanted to share my condolences, really.”


Former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers wins support with his simple act of kindness

In the midst of COVID, there have been so many stories like this. There’s simply nothing more tragic than losing a loved one, especially in the context of not being able to be there.

It’s an unimaginable heartbreak. For Rodgers to reach out like he did exemplifies the class of the man. No matter how he left Celtic, we can be proud to be associated in any way with someone who understands what empathy looks like in practice.

Liverpool fans and football fans in general were quick to offer their support to Klopp, and praise Rodgers.