Exclusive: "That moment will come for Celtic"; Vince Rugari on Celtic revolution

By Euan Davidson

October 12, 2021

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Vince Rugari has spoken to 67 Hail Hail about the tenure of Ange Postecoglou at Celtic.

Rugari was one of the first to talk to us about the Greek-Aussie boss, formerly of Melbourne Victory, Brisbane Roar, Australia and Yokohama F Marinos. The journalist’s outlook helped to spark real optimism about the manager.

In something of a quarterly review, conducted by 67 Hail Hail’s Hamish Carton and Rugari, the Aussie journalist gave his take on how Postecoglou is getting on.

And he believes that if Celtic fans are patient, a “moment of realisation” is headed our way.

In a forthcoming video on 67 Hail Hail, Rugari said:

“Why would it be any different? Maybe it’s hard for people in Scotland to sometimes get that point. Because you’ve not seen too much Aussie football, Japanese football, Socceroos, playing under Ange.

“But we’ve seen it. It happens, it’s the same game in a different country. Why would it not – I just can’t see any red flags or reasons to think it’s not going to work out.

Three class players are about to make their return for Celtic

Three class players are about to make their return for Celtic
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

“It seems like all the Celtic players who are there are trying their absolute best. There’s no dissent, there’s no-one who thinks this football is a bad idea, who don’t believe in it.

“There’s evidence in the way the team is playing as well, that there’s some good stuff in there. There comes a point in everywhere that Ange has gone, where the players, they go along with it, they go along with it.”

“Usually a miracle”; Rugari on Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

Rugari continued:

“At some point there’s usually a miracle result, a late winner, some kind of big event or moment, where they stick to the style, even if the logical part part of their brain tells them ‘this isn’t getting us anywhere’.

“And it yields something. It yields the results, and that becomes like a moment of realisation. When the whole group sees that if we do what Ange says, the dividends are actually going to come.

“I’m sure that moment will come for Celtic.”

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Postecoglou certainly has opportunities. Up ahead come big tests in the Europa League, Scottish Premiership and Premier Sports Cup.

If the Celtic manager can see us through a double-header with Ferencvaros, maintaining momentum in the league and get us through to a Hampden final, it’d be hard to argue he hasn’t made a huge impact results-wise.

Certainly, the brand of football is showing improvement. Hamstrung by injuries and late transfer movement, we were maybe spoiled by thumping early season wins.

We knew this would be a process. But as Rugari says, his style of management has worked everywhere else.

Why not Scotland?

Vince Rugari’s chat with Hamish Carton will be on our YouTube channel later on today.

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