Fan collective launch new Celtic protest campaign

By John McGinley

January 14, 2021

Online Celtic fan collective The Cynic have launched a new protest campaign aimed at ensuring the club answer critical questions.

Fans are currently unable to safely congregate at Celtic Park to protest in person.

However, there are urgent issues on the table that have yet to be addressed.

The Cynic have now published a letter template for fans to duplicate and send to the club.

Explaining their decision, the collective wrote on Twitter: “A lot has been said about what we can do as a fan base to create real change at our football club. We have created a template letter that can be printed off and posted or emailed to Celtic asking for answers. We are doing this as Celtic fans and nothing more.

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“We encourage all Celtic fans, Celtic Podcasts and Celtic fan media to help bring about change. Let’s all be the tip of the spear. The letter is simply asking for answers, feel free to copy and edit it as much as you like. This isn’t about one set of fans, it’s about all of us.

“Due to current restrictions we cannot protest they way we would in normal times. This write in campaign is our starting point. Let’s demand answers. Let’s demand change.”

Celtic fan protest letter asks serious questions

A link to the letter and relevant contact details can be found here.

As well as outlining the frustrations of some Celtic fans this season, the letter asks five fundamental questions that the board have yet to adequately answer.

Those are:

  • What, if any of the promised “added value” will be afforded to season ticket holders for the remainder of the season?
  • What, if any, plans are in development to reward fans’ loyalty in the 2021/22 season?
  • Will fans be informed of the outcome of the review of progress promised in the club’s statement of December 7th 2020? If so, what is the process for informing fans of the scope and outcome of the review?
  • How does the Board understand its responsibility to be accountable to the fans? How is this responsibility fulfilled in practice?
  • Have the Board considered any mechanisms for increased fan voice and input in the decision-making of the club?

Celtic Park / (Photo by Ross Parker / SNS Group via Getty Images)

I’m not expecting to the club to provide anything other than vague answers at this point.

However, in the wake of Peter Lawwell’s interview this week, perhaps there will be a new communication strategy from Celtic. There should be.

The Cynic do have a line of dialogue open with the club. They are currently the only fan outlet that has access to club press conferences.

This initiative should be supported by those concerned with what’s going on at Celtic Park.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Celtic’s response to this is.

In other news, Celtic have been criticised by an academy player’s relative.