If you were hoping that the good ship Celtic was about to change course, then you’ll be very disappointed this afternoon.

Neil Lennon has confirmed he still has the full support of chief executive Peter Lawwell and largest shareholder Dermot Desmond, despite a run of form that has our season teetering on the edge of a cliff.

He said in a press conference today, as quoted by Clyde 1 Superscoreboard: “I’ve spoken to the two of them today, on a Zoom call this morning, and we’re trying to find solutions to what we can do better, not just with the first-team but all around the club.

“It was a very productive conversation. I have their full support.

“We’re not happy with the way things have gone over recent weeks. They’ve been with me since day one, through the good times, when we go through what would be perceived as a bad time at the minute. They feel the need to offer up suggestions, ideas and vice versa from me.”

Clearly, nothing dramatic is happening at Celtic any time soon, unless the season completely falls into the metaphorical void below.

As you’ll likely know, there’s a growing tide of supporters fed up with the manager, his team, his tactics, his decisions and his press conferences.

We’re in a dire situation and, as the leader of the football department, much of the responsibility is falling on Lennon’s shoulders.

He’s not the only one to blame for our current predicament; the players are culpable, as are the men above Lennon now backing him to the hilt.

There’s a lot of anger out there, and as the club continue to pretend they don’t know about it, that anger will only get louder.

Reputations are at stake here, as well as the historic silverware we all crave.

Legacies can be burned in a flash in Glasgow when there’s a majority view. Just ask Brendan Rodgers.

Inevitably there was social media backlash to Lennon’s latest comments.

These fans had plenty to say…

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