Finally, an apology out of someone at Celtic for this horror season

By John McGinley

May 3, 2021

It’s fair to say the relationship between Celtic and supporters this season has been strained.

From protests outside the stadium to nonsense statements, there’s been a complete breakdown between the fans and the club.

That extends to the players too.

Fans have grown tired of the same old soundbites emanating from the underperforming squad.

In some ways, you can’t blame them. They get their PR instructions and talking points from the club, most likely.

Refreshing then to see Scott Brown make a genuine apology for this horror season, in the wake of another damaging derby defeat yesterday.

He told The Scottish Sun: “It was about us taking the chances.

“It’s been a hard season and it was a hard game as well, but Celtic will be back next season.

“It’s a hard game for the fans, but we are as disappointed as they are.

“We are sorry for letting them down over the whole season because this was supposed to be our showcase season — and it wasn’t to be.”

This is the kind of tone club figures at all levels need to take. It’s not just the players who have let us down.

Where’s the apology from the Celtic board?

Celtic captain Scott Brown / (Photo by Scott Baxter/Getty Images)

In Ian Bankier’s statement from February, he acknowledged this season didn’t go to plan, but listed a number of excuses for that fact, rather than take responsibility and simply apologise to the support for the club’s own errors.

There’s zero recognition at that senior level that many people have let the supporters down this term, not least the executive team. The silence of the Celtic board is staggering.

Fair play to Scott Brown for his heartfelt apology. Hopefully others at the club can follow and engage properly with fans.

In other news, Eddie Howe may have to bring in his own captain at Celtic.