Former Bundesliga star on new Celtic boss: "The best manager I have ever encountered in football"

By John McGinley

June 10, 2021

Former Gladbach and Brisbane Roar midfielder Thomas Broich has told The Athletic that new Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou is the best manager he’s ever encountered in football.

Broich played in the Bundesliga during the 2000s for Gladbach, Koln and Nurnberg before embarking on an Australian adventure with Brisbane Roar.

It was there he worked under Postecoglou.

Broich admits that the Greek-Australian’s methods were scary at first, but ultimately inspiring and incredibly successful.

Speaking to The Athletic, he said: “At the beginning of our time at Brisbane Roar, he was talking about the road less travelled. He was able to make it captivating and exciting for us. He always said, ‘If we do things the way that other teams have done before, we might be able to be successful, but we would be a copy of others’.

“His approach was to try something entirely different, which caused a lot of uncertainty. There were setbacks, and it was scary at times, but he always said, ‘If we stick to that, and develop, and believe in our mission, who knows what we can achieve?’ We ended up being the most successful team in the sporting history of Australia. Unbeaten in 36 games, in a competition with a salary cap, with a bunch of nobodies.”

The 40-year-old also firmly believes that Postecoglou is the best manager he’s come across in his long football career.

He would continue: “I believe in him. Looking at his successes, it’s based on a deep, deep understanding of the game, and of the psyche of players.

“We all know that sometimes it can be difficult in European environments, in terms of pressure and expectation, so there is no guarantee of success. But I can tell you I have worked in German football for a long time as a player, as a coach, and as an expert. To me personally, to this day, he is the best manager I have ever encountered in football.”

None of this is to say that Postecoglou will be a home run success at Celtic. Or even that you should be delighted he is in the job.

However, it adds to the cacophony of good things that experts and former colleagues have to say about our new manager.

Ange Postecoglou has been confirmed as the new Celtic boss / (Credit – Celtic FC)

He either has the best PR firm of all time in his corner, or he is genuinely respected by all of those who’ve come across him – from colleagues to journalistic critics.

Regardless of how it all ultimately pans out, the whole project sounds as if it’ll be fascinating, to say the least.

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