Clip of former Celtic Bhoy goes viral; gets American sports media treatment

By Euan Davidson

June 15, 2021

I’m not sure how we got here, but former Celtic man David Marshall has got the Stephen A. Smith treatment after the Czech Republic’s bizarre second goal yesterday.

Stephen A. Smith was beside himself watching the clip of Marshall being beaten from outside Mount Florida by Patrick Schick. It was a humbling day all-round for Scotland fans, but at least the game is now a meme, so that’s something.

Stephen A. Smith is a legendary basketball analyst, who began in newspapers, but made his way over to broadcast media. To say he’s a divisive figure would be putting it mildly. Gregarious and entertaining, he’s perhaps most famous for repeatedly making incorrect NBA predictions [SI]. Also, he’s so incredibly reactionary that he makes the Scottish Football media look like Greek philosophers by comparison.

Reacting to the ‘highlight’ as we must now refer it, Stephen A. said [Twitter]:

“But ain’t no way, this should ever happened!

“Patrick Schick launches a shot from just inside half-field and the ball flies over David Marshall for the goal. Let’s show that play again, please!

“Marshall’s way out of his goal and Schick takes advantage!

“Ain’t no way a shot like that should happen. Especially in the Euro 2020. But it did. Maybe that’s why… Euro 2020 is just so special right now.”

Stephen A. Smith and American media bring an entertaining edge to difficult moment for Marshall

I’m not sure how to best explain Stephen A. Smith if you don’t watch basketball. He’s a huge character, an incredibly emotional pundit who goes viral on an almost-daily basis.

If we had someone like him in Scottish football media, it would change the landscape immediately. It’d be a battle for incredibly dubious takes, and former print journalists dominating Celtic twitter every day. Actually, maybe it wouldn’t be so different.

Stephen A. Smith, a man with opinions / (Photo by Bill McCay/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Still, he’s entertaining as hell. It’s a shame that Smith’s introduction to a Celtic-adjacent topic was David Marshall being beaten from Mount Florida train station. Hopefully when Ange Postecoglou brings his brand of attacking football to Paradise, we’ll see Celtic highlights making the rounds in the American sports media.

After all, Celtic have a huge presence in America. The Scottish and Irish diaspora in the US have a rich sporting heritage; one of the NBA’s biggest clubs is the Boston Celtics.

Maybe Scotland’s winner against England will make Stephen A. Smith’s ‘Ain’t No Way’ segment? James Forrest beating Jordan Pickford from miles out, maybe? Callum McGregor chipping him to seal the 3 points?

We have a dream…

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