Former Celtic boss Gordon Strachan brilliantly rinses rival player for daft pre-derby comments

By John McGinley

April 17, 2021

Former Celtic boss Gordon Strachan has defended John Kennedy today after Rangers player Borna Barisic derided the interim manager for comments made about the strength of the Bhoys.

Kennedy stated last week that it was his belief, on their day, Celtic can still be the best team in the country.

Barisic hit back at that in a press conference yesterday, calling the comments a ‘joke’ and ‘disrespectful’. [BT Sport]

Strachan is having none of that, writing in his Herald & Times Sport column today: “It’s all been done, and I have to say, the reaction to his comments has been hysterical. I saw Borna Barisic say yesterday that it was disrespectful. I think he’s been watching too many gangster films. It’s only one man’s opinion, he’s not disrespecting anyone personally.

“What does he expect? John Kennedy to come out and say that he thinks Rangers are fabulous, they really do have some wonderful players and that he thinks Barisic is by far the best player that he’s ever seen? It’s just not going to happen.”

Strachan never pulls any punches regardless of his opinion and has skewered Barisic here with his trademark humour.

It’s nice to see some pundits sticking up for Kennedy.

As we discussed earlier this week, Chris Sutton went after him, labelling what he said as ‘Pedro Caixinha stuff’. That’s clearly a bit harsh.

Everyone knows what Kennedy meant and taking his comments out of context for mockery is never a good look.

Every Celtic fan is now hoping the team can do their talking on the pitch. That’s what matters most this weekend, not what everyone is saying before the game!

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