Former Celtic captain Scott Brown dons unfamiliar colours; Shay Logan reacts

By Euan Davidson

June 9, 2021

Former Celtic captain Scott Brown has been snapped in an Aberdeen shirt.

To make it as clear as possible: Scott Brown in an Aberdeen shirt. Again: Scott Brown, former Celtic captain, in an Aberdeen shirt. What I’m doing here is borrowing a concept from the world of psychology, called Immersion Therapy. If I keep saying “Scott Brown in an Aberdeen shirt”, it’ll feel less gut-wrenching.

So, today, we saw Scott Brown in an Aberdeen shirt.

The former Celtic captain’s move is, of course, well-reported. Broony, who won a ridiculous 22 trophies with the Bhoys over 14 years, has taken on a new role, as a player-coach for Aberdeen Football Club. It was announced as early as March, yet it’s still taking some time to get used to.

That wasn’t helped today, as the Dons revealed their new home kit. And wearing that kit was who else but their new star man. My eyes are damp because of hay fever, or something. It’s irrelevant.

Not everybody was happy with the announcement. Shay Logan, noted Twitter account holder, replied to the announcement by parping: “What’s the saying you can’t polish a turd”, in a needless response that will inspire patter like “rent free”.

The kit, of course, joins Logan on the list marked “Released by Aberdeen” this summer.

Celtic and Aberdeen supporters, and even David Tanner, respond to Scott Brown in a Dons kit

Celtic and Aberdeen fans, who are both relevant here, responded with a mixture of revulsion, excitement and confusion, depending on the source.

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