Former Celtic coach Damien Duff believes Scotland could knock out England

By Euan Davidson

June 4, 2021

You ready for a spicy Scotland v England take, courtesy of a former Celtic coach?

Well then: strap in. Here we go: Damien Duff believes Scotland can knock England out of the Euros. The beloved ex-Celtic coach, who left to join the Republic of Ireland’s set up, has said that Scotland’s Celtic contingent can cause the English real problems, ahead of the Tartan Army’s first major tournament since 1998.

Duff told RTÉ:

“[England] play Croatia first. Croatia could do them. And Scotland – close to my heart – Scotland could put England out in the second game. They’ve a good solid squad. They’ve a lot of Celtic players who are really well coached, top players.

“The Scots are not going to go and take the game to teams, they’re going to sit back and frustrate. They’ll do that with England. Maybe, I’m a dreamer but the second game, England could be out and Scotland could go through.”

Oh yes. Drink it in.

Damien Duff is maybe shouting himself out there, and why not? There are some very well-coached Celtic players, and Duff himself knows all about the Lennoxtown set-up. To praise his own abilities in a sort of second-hand way is absolutely his prerogative. You love to see it.

The former Chelsea and Blackburn winger has been tentatively linked with a return to Paradise [Glasgow Live]. Provided Ange Postecoglou doesn’t get the Bhoys job, names like Duff, Roy Keane and former Manchester United and Real Madrid assistant Rui Faria have been tagged with the Plan C label.

Damien Duff maybe has more faith in Scotland against England than we do, but you love to see it

You know what? This is great. It’s just a great, great opinion to have. After all, international football is pointless if we don’t believe in ourselves. There’ll be plenty around Europe doing the doubting for us.

And at the risk of breaking into a Runrig cover and waving a saltire around, it’s important that Scotland recognise how many good players we have. There are bona fide stars in this team, including Kieran Tierney, Andy Robertson, John McGinn and Callum McGregor, just to name a few.

Are you riddled with Euro fever yet? / (Photo by Joaquin Corchero / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images)

We could well bloody a nose or two. And if that included England, then all the sweeter.

As for Duff, if he’s going to keep talking like this, we’re going to have to drag him over to Parkhead ourselves. The difference in standards from his being at Celtic to his absence were marked. There may be other factors, of course, but it’s clear the Bhoys squad got plenty from being coached by the ex-Ireland man.

“Maybe I’m a dreamer”, indeed, Damien. But you’re not the only one.

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