Kris Boyd clearly wound up by fantastic Celtic run

By Euan Davidson

October 30, 2021

Former Rangers man Kris Boyd has made some strange comments regarding the recent run of Celtic form. Within two paragraphs of his latest column, he said he’s not getting carried way before admitting there’s a title race on.

In a confusing piece of literature, the ex-Scotland striker suggests that there’s no point talking Celtic up, for some reason.

In his column for The Sun, Boyd argued that people were “jumping on a bandwagon” about Celtic’s results, suggesting that talking them up for the title was meaningless. Then, he immediately said that Rangers need to be careful because Celtic have been winning games.

Boyd wrote [Sun]:

“Some people are getting carried away by Celtic’s recent wins and talking them up no end. I’m not going to jump on that bandwagon.

“But there is a title race, there absolutely is. Rangers need to get their finger out.

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“They’ve blown the lead they had at the top of the table and now have Ange Postecoglou’s side breathing down their necks.

“[Rangers have] got a tough run of fixtures coming up between now and the festive period and they just need to get back to basics.”

Deeply interesting man Kris Boyd seems confused about Celtic

People suggesting Celtic are doing well are jumping on a bandwagon, you know. It’s not because we’ve just won 5 games on the bounce and have only conceded once at home this season. Or, that Postecoglou’s side is clicking in a meaningful way, winning on the road and playing excellent football.

No, it would be following a trend to suggest any of that, obviously. What do you mean you’re confused?

To suggest punditry in Scotland could be better would be underplaying it a bit.

Photo by Ross MacDonald/SNS Group via Getty Images

From Charlie Nicholas’ screeching U-turn on Ange Postecoglou, to pre-season predictions of impending doom for Celtic, there’s been some truly embarrassing stuff.

This is just the latest. There’s no world in which this is a consistent or coherent argument. It’s not “bandwagon jumping” to suggest that a team is playing well. Thats’s just needlessly contrarian. Nobody is going to confuse Kris Boyd for a Celtic supporter.

Just… very strange stuff.

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