Former Celtic man David Moyes is onto something with British Cup idea

By David Walton

January 22, 2020

David Moyes is onto something when he talks about involving Celtic and others in the English League Cup.

Current West Ham and former Man Utd manager Moyes suggested last night that a change from the League Cup to a “British Cup” could help generate more interest in the competition. This, Moyes believes, should include the likes of Celtic and Rangers as a starting point (Scottish Sun).

The likes of Pep Guardiola has stated that he believes the League Cup in England should be scrapped to ease fixture congestion. It shows how little the competition is valued at times down south (The Guardian).

West Ham’s David Moyes (James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Celtic have continued to dominate the Betfred Cup in Scotland. We’ve won our own League Cup on four consecutive occasions. Whilst there is a goal there for us to be the record holders, the idea of a British Cup would be a lot more intriguing.

Celtic vs any English side is an attraction

The rivalry between Scotland and England doesn’t need explaining. That rivalry also extends to football, with many down south dismissing the quality of the Scottish champions.

From our perspective, introducing a British Cup and dropping out of the Betfred Cup would have its appeal. It would allow us to compete against some of the top English sides on a semi-regular basis. Who wouldn’t want to see the likes of  Manchester United vs Celtic, Arsenal vs Celtic, or even Chelsea vs Celtic?

There are a host of mouth-watering possibilities if a British Cup was somehow introduced. As for the English perspective, surely they would fancy their chances of shutting us up given the superiority complex they have?

Former Celtic player David Moyes (Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

It would be something different that could bring in plenty of TV money. Who wouldn’t want to be showing Scotland’s elite vs England’s elite on their station? It’s something different. How can we expect football in Britain to evolve if we’re not open to some change now and again?

It doesn’t help Guardiola’s issues with fixture congestion. However, considering the size of squad the likes of Man City have, they have plenty of options for rotation. That’s not to say a British Cup should see second-string teams be fielded, but big squads are built to deal with plenty of fixtures.

It would also give us as a club the chance to see where we are compared to England’s top tier. A long-running debate has been how Celtic would perform in the Premier League. A British Cup would help gauge that too.

So at the very least, former Celt Moyes is onto something. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but the chance to face some of England’s best on an annual basis would certainly bring some extra intrigue and is worth a proper discussion.