Ex-Celtic star Gary Hooper has once again been the subject of media speculation recently.

Yesterday, the Scottish Sun stated that Hooper has issued a “come and get me plea” to Celtic. The reason for this? Simply because he liked a post praising his performance against Hearts several years ago.

Hooper incredibly scored five goals on a trophy day against Hearts at Parkhead back in 2012. Unsurprisingly then, some fans have been looking back to it on social media and touched on his amazing five-goal show. Celtic face Hearts this Sunday on another trophy day, so it’s not unusual for fans to look back.

Gary Hooper scored five goals against Hearts back in 2012 (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

But the truth is this is hardly in any way a come-and-get-me plea. Hooper simply liking appreciative posts about his time at Celtic doesn’t merit that kind of speculation being thrust upon him.


Ever since Hooper has left Parkhead, he’s always spoken well of the club on social media. This has involved liking and retweeting posts from Celtic fans praising him for his work in Glasgow. Some of these posts can include wanting him back, but it hardly means Hooper is itching to return.

Sure, Hooper may be a little keen on coming back given he’s currently without a club. But a come-and-get-me plea? That’s a little far-fetched.


This is what social media does

The idea that Hooper is itching for a return just because of that is a damning indictment of what social media can do. Stories that come up from nothing are turned into something bigger than they are.

Hooper and Neil Lennon teamed together between 2010 and 2013 (Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Sure, the Sun did report that Neil Lennon is interested in bringing Hooper back to Parkhead. They said in a previous piece that if he gets the job then he would like to be reacquainted with the Englishman. That’s fine, but Hooper isn’t begging to come back.

Hooper coming back wouldn’t be a popular choice in any case. The former Norwich City man hasn’t been scoring regularly in recent years, with only 12 goals over the last two seasons of football.

Hooper is now without a club (Steve Feeney/Action Plus via Getty Images)

If it’s true that Lennon actually is interested in Hooper, then that would be a concern. But to blow it out of proportion through Hooper showing appreciation to supporters praising him is a tad over the top.

It’s important not to get too excited when it comes to this story. As far as reports have made us all aware, Celtic haven’t had any contact with Hooper. He hasn’t come out and stated how much he wants to come back either.

Social media activity in this sense means absolutely nothing. When it comes to this deal, some sections of the media just need to calm down a tad.

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