"Gerrard must be embarrassed"; Former Celtic star Chris Sutton goes further on lockout farce

By John McGinley

September 17, 2021

Celtic star Chris Sutton reckons Steven Gerrard must be ’embarrassed’ with the way Rangers have been handling the media recently.

Sutton and former Celtic teammate Neil Lennon were not allowed into Ibrox last night to do analysis work on a BT Sport broadcast.

The broadcaster says they were told ‘security concerns’ were at the heart of the matter.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

However, the former Celtic striker is still fuming with the situation and told BT Sport Scottish Football Extra tonight: “The security issue? What, two pundits going to work? That’s absolutely ludicrous. Rangers allow 800 Celtic fans in and away fans in at every game and I was in at Ibrox last season when there were no fans and I was told I was unwelcome last season in at Ibrox.

“So as far as I can see, and I can only speculate, what Rangers are saying is if we don’t like what you say about us we aren’t letting you in.

“I sit on here every Friday morning with Ally and it is back and forth and it’s light-hearted, it’s banter, it’s debate, that’s all it is. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, I can’t speak for Ally but I know he doesn’t, we like a laugh and a joke.

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“I’ve taken a battering in the last year because Celtic have been hopeless and for the last decade Ally has had to take a battering unfortunately for him. But I just think they are getting into murky, murky waters with this as far as I can see and I hope it stops.

“Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister, they must be embarrassed by the way that their club is acting on this and I hope Rangers do the right thing and put it right.”

The big man isn’t happy. And who can blame him? With reports that BT Sport are set to contact UEFA and Lennon is taking legal advice [The Scottish Sun], we may not have heard the last of this story.

I get everyone has their favourite and least favourite pundits. I get that Sutton is often the Celtic voice on multiple channels. But this is all rather petty and absurd. Rangers have their own voices in the media, it doesn’t need to be as bitter as all this.

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