Gordon Strachan superbly sticks up for potential new Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

By David Walton

June 8, 2021

Gordon Strachan brilliantly switched the narrative on Ange Postecoglou as he launched a fitting defence of the likely next Celtic manager.

Postecoglou is reportedly due to be appointed this week, ending over 100 days without a permanent manager at the football club [Scottish Sun].

Since news of his potential appointment came to be, plenty of question marks has been thrown Postecoglou’s way. Concerns from supporters and the media regarding his lack of a successful coaching track record in Europe have been raised.

But Strachan believes nobody who sees Postecoglou as an unknown should be listened to. Instead, the former Celtic boss believes it’s those who’ve worked with him and have an understanding of what he’s all about that should be heard out.

Speaking to TalkSPORT, Strachan said: “Being at Scotland and at Celtic, everybody’s overreacting as usual. ‘We need 13 players, we need this manager, we need the World Cup-winning manager’ and all the rest of it.

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“The fact is that Ange is coming in. If you actually look at what he does and the people who have worked with him, you’re talking about a top manager here. There’s no point in talking to pundits because they’ve never seen him playing, they’ve never watched his training, they’ve never seen his teams, they’ve never spoke to his players. Ask the players who work with a coach what he’s like, then you’ll find the truth.

“I think the Celtic people are excited about this. I’m sure he’ll be a success. I’m actually excited to be getting somebody who’s outside the box and not just a name we regularly see. Give me something different. I want to see new people in front of a camera. I want to see new training methods. And I think that’s what we’re going to get.”

Gordon Strachan offers brilliant defence of incoming Celtic manager

Gordon, and not for the first time, is spot on about the prospect of securing Postecoglou. We’re talking about a manager who has A-League and J-League titles to his name. A manager who has been involved in a World Cup with his national team. A manager with a track record of success wherever he’s gone.

Just because he hasn’t had the opportunity to manage in Europe, it doesn’t make him a poor tactician. It’s that level of snobbery that will ensure Australian and Asian coaches don’t get a chance in Europe in the future. You have to be open to what Postecoglou can provide.

When people criticise the appointment, they can’t really tell you why. All they’ll say is that they have no idea who Postecoglou is and that Celtic need to be aiming higher. But how can we judge how high Celtic are aiming if we have no idea what level the new man operates at?

Celtic fans don’t know what to think about Postecoglou / (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Yokohama boss Postecoglou has won everywhere he’s gone. Even in his short spell with third-tier Greek side Panachaiki, he still had them fighting for promotion before disagreements with the owners forced him out.

This should be a period of excitement for Celtic. A massive rebuild awaits and we’re bringing in new coaching methods to try and oversee the colossal job that lies ahead. That unknown aspect of it all is what sources the excitement.

As Celtic supporters, we should be backing Ange from the moment he’s appointed. As of yet, he’s given us no reason to doubt his talents. Strachan couldn’t be more spot on.

In other news, a report has indicated who will likely make the decision on John Kennedy’s future.