Green Brigade and other Celtic fan groups unite in new statement

By Euan Davidson

July 2, 2021

Five prominent Celtic supporters groups, including the Green Brigade, have issued a joint statement.

The North Curve, Celtic Shared, the Celtic Trust, Bhoys and the Green Brigade are continuing to stand against the Hoops board, while supporting Ange Postecoglou and the team.

The statement, shared via the North Curve Twitter page, outlined plans for a protest and merchandise boycott, while promising a January review of the board’s behaviour.

The statement read [North Curve Twitter page]:

“Firstly, we will hold a rally prior to the pre-season match on the 17th of July to welcome and encourage the team and manager ahead of the upcoming season and to send a clear message that we are putting the board on notice. We will not sit back and allow a repeat of their conduct last season.

“Secondly, we ask that fans who share our aims and values opt to keep any money that they would normally spend on other Celtic merchandise or matchday purchases until January, when a review can be held on the club’s conduct.”

“Of said review, the supporters’ groups listed the following criteria:

“Improved treatment of, and communication with, the Celtic support.

“Evidence of progressive structural change in the running of Celtic Football Club.

“Ample support being granted to Ange Postecoglou to rebuild the first-team squad to enable our new manager to deliver success on the park.”

A united front, helmed by the Green Brigade, will surely get notice of Celtic board

There’s a certain gallows humour to be found here. It was the club’s own January/New Year/at some point review that sparked so much disillusionment amongst the Celtic support. To turn the tables on the club in such a way is a very interesting decision.

Celtic fans protest the board last season / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Foremost, however, it’s quite rare to see such unity, and such vigour in campaigning against the board from a cross-committee of supporters. The Celtic Trust have already planned protests of course, and the Green Brigade are well known for their politics. But when a lot of Celtic supporters are possibly being distracted by the new manager, it’s a bit of a wake-up call for the board.

Supporters are still angry about last season, and the complacency that undid the 10. Beyond football, there’s an ideological disconnect between the club and fans. That was already present, but never so blindingly obvious as it was in 20-21.

How the new manager and the players respond will make for interesting viewing. It’s important that these groups are still backing the team. And, that the new manager has won over the supporters. But the unrest and the discontent remains.

The January review will make for very exciting reading.

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