Green Brigade issue strong response to demands of Celtic fans for Hibs clash

By Euan Davidson

October 27, 2021

The Green Brigade, via the North Curve Twitter account, have responded to measures taken by Hibs for the game against Celtic tonight.

A number of Celtic fans will be at Easter Road to back to Bhoys in a perennially tricky away trip. Easter Road hasn’t seen a Celtic league win since 2014.

However, the Green Brigade have made clear their objections to some policies of Hibernian tonight. Only flags on sticks up to 1m in height can be flown, no CSC flags or banners will be permitted, and fans can’t even take bags in with them [Celtic SLO].

Very strange indeed. Especially when supporters are paying over £30 to get into the game at all.

The Green Brigade’s response was typically forthright. The supporters’ group said [North Curve Twitter]:

“Fans sustain the Scottish game yet are continually faced with barriers preventing their enjoyment of it. £33 for tonight’s match and the away support await being herded like cattle at the gates, subjected to various checks, and can’t even take banners or bags.”

67HH chats to Callum McGregor ahead of Hibernian clash

67HH chats to Callum McGregor ahead of Hibernian clash

It does seem particularly Draconian on Hibs’ part. We’d love to know the moral, legal or safety reasoning preventing flags or the names of supporters’ clubs within Easter Road.

Opposition fans brandish flags with their supporters’ clubs’ names emblazoned on them in stadia all over the world. Why it’s not being allowed tonight is surely anyone’s guess.

Additionally, parking and access to Easter Road are going to be an absolute nightmare. It’s a tough enough away trip from a sporting perspective. Now, it’s the same for supporters.

Green Brigade call out Hibs just hours before Celtic clash

It’s not as if there’ll be a colour clash at Easter Road with flags or banners. Principally because both teams play in Green and White.

That makes this particularly odd. What flags are they expecting? Were the Green Brigade planning something specific, banner-wise, for the trip to Easter Road that strikes at the values of Hibernian FC?

We hardly think so.

Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

You could make the point that getting to away games in these times is a luxury in and of itself. That’s very true, and we’re desperate for that to remain the case as long as it’s feasible.

But these precautious, if they’re precautious, seem more strange than anything else.

Will any of this matter if Celtic beat Hibernian tonight? In the grand scheme of things, probably not. But it’s an annoyance, and if it sets a bizarre precedent, then that’s a worry in itself.

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