Green Brigade take aim at whole Celtic board in another banner display

By Euan Davidson

June 11, 2021

So, we may have hired a manager, but there are still issues at Celtic.

Behind the scenes, we’re lacking key figures. Yes, the club hired Ange Postecoglou after over 100 days without a manager, but that’s doing little to quell the unrest amongst certain supporters’ groups.

The Green Brigade, who have shared banners all week counting the days without a boss, have now presented what’s surely the last banner this week. This time, they’re taking aim at the whole board. In a message via the North Curve Twitter account, the group said:

“Dermot Desmond, Ian Bankier, Dom McKay, Brian Wilson, Thomas Allison, Sharon Brown, Chris McKay, Michael Nicholson. A board unfit for purpose.”

This, again, follows a spate of banner exhibitions outside Celtic Park. In recent days, Dominic McKay, Thomas Allison and Brian Wilson have been spotted on Green Brigade artwork.


It’s fair enough; chaos still reigns at Celtic

Issues with the board have long pre-existed the current chaos at Celtic. Fine, the club have won plenty over the last decade, but uncomfortable political affiliations of board members, and issues including the Living Wage [BBC], have driven a wedge between the more politically active members of the Celtic support, and the board.

Dermot Desmond / (Photo by Sammy Turner/SNS Group via Getty Images)

While there’s some kind of forward planning shown by the introduction of a modern, attacking manager in Ange Postecoglou, doubts remain across the club’s organisation. Peter Lawwell, divisive as he was, has left the club. Dermot Desmond, majority shareholder, has blasted any talk of selling his shares.

Whether the Green Brigade will actually carry on this campaign against the board is yet to be seen. You sense they probably will, and have every right to do so.

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