Greg Taylor hilariously 'hammers' 2 Celtic teammates after desert island question

By Giuseppe Labellarte

February 25, 2023

Ahead of Celtic’s Scottish League Cup final clash tomorrow, the club’s media team sat down with Greg Taylor for a fan Q&A on YouTube.

The 25-year-old has become a real fan favourite at Parkhead since Ange Postecoglou took the reins.

Supporters can’t get enough of Taylor, and so Celtic and club sponsor Dafabet teamed up to give fans the chance to ask him anything.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

With a signed Celtic shirt at stake for Taylor’s favourite question of the day, supporters gave it their best shot.

There a was a mix of football-related questions, such as his favourite player and goal, and more leftfield questions, like whether he has any pre-game superstitions.

One fan picked Taylor’s brains by asking him a real humdinger of a question.

‘If you had to spend a week on a desert island with two teammates with no smart devices, who would you definitely not last the week with and why?’

Good hypothetical question, that one, and Taylor had to give it some real thought.

“Who would be the two I wouldn’t last a week with,” mused Taylor. “Wow, I need to think about this! We’ve got such a good team, so that’s why it’s so difficult.

“I’m going to say Hazzy, Conor Hazard would be one. Just asks pointless questions that he knows the answer to. So he’ll be number one. And number two… probably his best mate Raldo (Anthony Ralston). The two of them.

“I always hammer Raldo every interview I do, so them two together!”

Taylor went on to name that question his favourite of the Q&A, ensuring the fan secured a signed shirt.

He said: “My favorite question was the desert island question purely because I got the chance to hammer Raldo and Hazzy!”

Photo by Steve Christo – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images


Poor Raldo and Hazzy. Taylor can’t resist a chance to hammer them can he?

Jokes aside, it was a great Q&A session. Taylor is great in front of the cameras and fans love hearing and seeing him.

It also shows the great camaraderie between the Bhoys. Hopefully this’ll go a long way to achieving yet more glory on Sunday!