Leigh Griffiths must start scoring goals before slagging Rangers in press conferences.

The big mouth striker was speaking of his signature scarf tying of the post after big victories.

Reported by the Daily Record, Griffiths said: “I got into bother at Linfield (in the Champions League qualifiers) then unfortunately for me they had two stewards on the posts (at Ibrox).

“It’s probably the closest I’ve been marked at Ibrox.”

Let Rangers do the talking

One reason Celtic have been excelling in recent Glasgow Derby matches is the team do the talking on the pitch.

Rangers players consistently talk about Celtic, even going as far to say they don’t need to beat them to win the league.

For the last two years it has been Brendan Rodgers having the last laugh to victory.

Griffiths has made a grave error with his comments.

Steven Gerrard now has precedent to put what Griffiths said on the dressing room wall.

Steven Gerrard could help inspire his Rangers side with Griffiths’ comments. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

His comments could inspire the out of form side to victory.

Griffiths needs to make first team

The fact the 28-year-old is making these comments is bizarre.

He has only scored one goal since his return and a poor Odsonne Edouard is keeping him out the first team.

Scotland international isn’t pushing Odsonne Edouard for starting spot. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

His tying of the scarf against Aberdeen in the final was embarrassing having sat on the bench. It appears Griffiths would rather wind up the opposition than score against it. Although he may get a cheap laugh from some fans, they’d much rather he did his job first.

The Scotland international has only scored two goals against Rangers since 2015.

Griffiths’ signature scarf tie against Rangers. (Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images)

Despite being part of winning teams, Griffiths hasn’t had that much to laugh at Rangers for.

That third goal is evading him and scoring it could change his fortunes.

Rodgers should be pulling him aside for these comments. Failure to do so will just continue this type of chilling behaviour to the club’s potential detriment.

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