Hampden source embarrasses Scottish Government with Celtic verdict

By David Walton

January 5, 2021

The Scottish Government regulations that came into play last night have certainly led to a war of words on Celtic’s Dubai trip.

The Hoops claimed that they jetted off with the permission of the government. This came after John Swinney criticised Celtic for heading abroad (BBC). The government also urged the SFA to investigate Celtic’s warm-weather training camp decision further.

This comes after the Scottish Government plunged the full country into a total lockdown last night. Once again, only essential travel is allowed, bringing up the validity of the club’s jaunt to Dubai for some training.

However, a Hampden source from the Daily Record has shown up the SNP. They claimed that the government were helping the club with the move as recently as the weekend:

“We are surprised at the request to look into a trip the government have themselves been assisting the club with as recently as the weekend, and a trip which has been widely known about and reported on since early November.”

All parties should be embarrassed; Scottish government regulations only now clear

Nobody is coming out of this looking good. Straight off the bat, Celtic knew how this would look. You have to question the morals of going somewhere such as Dubai during a pandemic like this. Do we really NEED to be making it?

In any case, we’ve discussed that plenty of times already. What’s even more embarrassing is the way the Scottish Government is trying to deflect blame here. They’re just as culpable for this trip.

It’s a massive red face for Nicola Sturgeon and Swinney too. To come out all guns blazing only to have it thrown back in their face like this is a bad look.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon / (Photo by JEFF J MITCHELL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

As well as that, there’s a massive question to be asked over why the government didn’t take advanced action. Celtic would never have gone to Dubai without permission. They’re not stupid. The government will have seen this trip being reported for weeks too. There was plenty of time for them to make an advanced decision on it.

This looks like the SNP bowing to pressure from the outside. They’re trying to look strong and doing their best to batter Celtic. It’s poor stuff. But they like to have a pop at football when they can. That much has been proven.

We’ll see what happens over the coming days. But from the outside looking in, the SNP are just as culpable as Celtic for this winter camp.

In other news, Celtic have reportedly made a major decision on the future of Neil Lennon.