Harry Redknapp talks up Celtic job; believes it holds major appeal

By David Walton

January 26, 2021

Harry Redknapp has been discussing the appeal of the Celtic job as he admitted that it would interest any manager.

Redknapp, uncle of out-of-work manager Frank Lampard, doesn’t know whether his nephew would be interested in it if it came up. The prospect certainly didn’t entice all Celtic fans, with many differing on whether Lampart would be a suitable choice.

Neil Lennon may still be the manager of the club just now, but time will surely change that. It looks inevitable he’ll be off at the end of the season at the latest. Therefore, Celtic fans don’t particularly feel it disrespectful to talk up potential replacements anymore.

And Redknapp believes they would certainly have plenty interesting in succeeding the Northern Irishman if it came up.

As quoted by the Daily Record, Redknapp said: “That’s certainly something that would interest any manager. It’s a great football club to come and manage, that’s for sure. Neil Lennon is still there so I wouldn’t want to talk too much about someone else taking his job but obviously it would be interesting to see Frank in direct opposition to Steven Gerrard.

“I don’t know whether, if the Celtic job came up, it would be something that would interest Frank. Obviously, Neil Lennon is still in charge and I wouldn’t want to see him lose his job.

“Would Frank want to jump straight back in if it did become available? I wouldn’t know. But you could certainly see the appeal.”

Harry Redknapp appreciates enormity of the Celtic job

This, for me, has always been one of the most infuriating arguments when it comes to Lennon backers. “Who else do you bring in?”. As if Lennon is the only possible option Celtic can go for in the managerial market.

We’re talking about Celtic Football Club for goodness sake. An historic institution respected around the globe and known for its domestic dominance and European pedigree. As a club, we’re a sleeping giant. Of course plenty of managers would be interested.

Peter Lawwell pretty much confirmed as much when he appointed Lennon in 2019. He stated that he had plenty of CVs that was just put away on file without being given any thought [Daily Record]. Well, it’s time to get those documents out and see who’s still available.

Chelsea have sacked Frank Lampard / (Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

As for Lampard, there are pros and cons to making that kind of move. But many fans likely wouldn’t appreciate the total circus it would bring from down south.

We of course want as many eyes on our game as possible. Lampard would bring a similar level of attention from England to Celtic that Gerrard did to Rangers. But it would perhaps take much of the grit out of the fixture. We want it to be about Celtic vs Rangers, not Lampard vs Gerrard or Chelsea vs Liverpool.

Which is effectively what it would become for those based south. Added to that, the fact Lampard hasn’t yet won anything would be a major concern. So there would be plenty to weight up, but Celtic wi

ll still have many other options interested in the job.

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