How new Celtic boss Postecoglou appointed staff and worked on transfers in Japan

By Euan Davidson

June 25, 2021

Ahead of Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou meeting the media for the first time, it’s important to look back.

Given that there are so many unanswered questions around Celtic Park at the time of writing, we’re hoping for some big reveals. While of course, Ange Postecoglou won’t be dictating policies like club restructuring, and staff additions beyond the first-team, there’ll be some interesting outcomes, we’re sure.

67 Hail Hail will be there to grill Postecoglou and Dom McKay. And, in anticipation, we asked J-League reporter Dan Orlowitz how Postecoglou’s first presser with the Japanese media went.

Thankfully, he answered us. Orlowitz, of the Japan Times, told 67 Hail Hail:

“Postecoglou was officially announced on Dec. 19, 2017, about three weeks after media reports first started emerging. The team’s season kickoff event (新体制発表 – a media/fan-focused event where teams formally unveil the new players, coaches, uniforms etc) was on Jan. 14, after which they would have headed into their winter camp.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

“At that event his head coach Peter Cklamovski (now manager at Montedio Yamagata) and physical coach Greg King were also unveiled. And there were a number of new player departures/arrivals (and the departures of coaches/interpreters) announced in the weeks leading up to Jan. 14. So there were almost certainly some player moves that he didn’t directly oversee, while he would have had a heavier hand in picking his coaches.”

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Orlowitz continued:

“[It’s] important to understand that J.League clubs, by their nature, rarely blow up the entire back room. Foreign coaches will generally have around 2-3 of ‘their guys’ in a backroom that will also include a number of Japanese coaches who have been around for a while. So in that sense he’ll probably have an easier time getting on with the Celtic back room. But also because the language barrier is no longer an issue it will be easier for him to bring in new people as needed.”

Ange does the Huddle in Japan / (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)

Interesting stuff, indeed. Don’t jump to conclusions here; it’s unlikely Postecoglou will name a new first team. Nor his entire coaching staff. If you’re expecting explosive revelations this afternoon, you might be waiting a while.

But at the very least, this is interesting grounding. It also gives us a bit of insight and context as to how Postecoglou takes the reins at a club. Especially one he was successful with, where his connection with the fans was unparalleled in the league.

It’ll be a very interesting day for Celtic supporters, we’re sure.

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