How to stay cheerful during a Celtic crisis: The best and funniest fan tweets this week

By Euan Davidson

December 4, 2020

What a day. What a week, what a month, what a year.

It’s been relentless. The players aren’t performing. The manager needs to go. The board aren’t doing enough. The fans are embarrassing the other fans. The other fans don’t care enough. The younger fans don’t know their history. The old fans are stuck in the past.

Et cetera, et cetera.

Sometimes, it can be hard to see the funny side of a good old-fashioned crisis. But there’s still plenty to smile about. Here are some highlights from this week.


Even though they’re top of the league, after years of struggle and mismanagement, Rangers fans still feel the need to embarrass themselves.

We particularly enjoyed this reaction to one of our rivals spraying air freshener in the vicinity of Celtic Park earlier today.


‘You upto later mate?’

‘F**k all mate just gonny head up Celtic Park with a can a febreze you?’

Why do they do these things? We’ve no idea.


Recent GRV Media signing Adam Miller (AKA Old Firm Facts) regularly raises a chuckle, whatever side of the divide you fall on. Unless that is, you consider him to have a vendetta against your team. To those with a sense of humour, his updates on Scottish football are vital and hilarious.

It was inevitable that Mr Facts would have something up his sleeve considering Celtic’s recent European antics. This one’s funny, sadly because it’s true.

Labi Siffre CSC

Reaction to the erection of fences around Celtic Park was always going to get people talking. Most of the response has been utter shock, confoundedness or sadness. The Green Brigade responded immediately, with a banner and statement.

However, Celtic fans are nothing if not witty, and Liam (_LMac67) brought the worlds of soul and Celtic together.

All together now, something inside so strong…

Alpha Kaiser (AlphaKaiserII) followed up with this tweet:


No Glee for Celtic supporters

Finally, we’re sure you’ve seen the meme of Jane Lynch in Glee. She’s going to create an environment that is so toxic, she says, mirroring the sentiments of Peter Lawwell over the last few weeks.

Many variations have been made of the meme, for all number of contexts. Not, though, for Celtic Football Club. Then our friend at The Cynic, Paul Carlin, stepped up and delivered.


“Scenes”, as they say.