Hugh Keevins revisits terrible Celtic transfer comment; Lubo Moravcik sends him birthday gift

By John McGinley

November 15, 2020

High profile Scottish football journalist Hugh Keevins has been revisiting his most infamous piece of Celtic analysis – comments on the signing of Lubomir Moravcik.

Keevins wrote back in 1998, for The Sunday Mail: “I don’t know what I find more laughable – the fact that Celtic cannot find £500,000 from their biscuit tin to sign a proven talent like John Spencer, or the fact that they then spent £300,000 on one of Dr Jo’s old pals, the unknown Lubomir Moravcik.”

Affectionately known as ‘Lubo’, the midfielder would go on to make 130 appearances for the club, scoring 35 goals and winning multiple trophies.

He’s regarded as one of the finest footballers to play for Celtic in the modern era.

It’s fair to say in the time since that Keevins has walked back his initial comments on the signing!

These days it’s all taken in good fun and the man himself, Moravcik, has been in touch with Keevins recently.

The Clyde 1 Superscoreboard pundit wrote in his Sunday Mail column today (15/11 print edition, page 61): “It was, without question, my most foolhardy and ill-judged comment spanning 50 years of involvement in this racket.

“Some 22 years ago in this newspaper I questioned the wisdom of Celtic signing the then 33-year-old Lubo Moravcik. The inaccuracy of that assessment has followed me ever since, with the pace quickening after the advent of social media.

“Of course, Lubo turned out to be, along with Henrik Larsson and Brian Laudrup, one of the top three best foreigners in history to grace our game.”

“But on Thursday, my 71st birthday, Lubo showed his class again by having delivered to me a bottle of his personalised 1st Star gin as a present along with a video wishing me well. It’s all about opinions, idiotic or otherwise, and with no hard feelings, far less malice.”

Keevins takes his criticism on this matter with humour.

It just goes to show that when you put your words out there, people will remember!

No doubt I have made some horrible predictions in my day, as we all have done as supporters, even away from the media.

Celtic icon Lubo Moravcik / (Photo by Mark Thompson/ALLSPORT)

Touted as an unknown arriving in Scotland, Moravcik had in fact played for years in the French top-flight and had won dozens of caps for his country.

Thankfully we got to enjoy Lubo for years and remember him as a player, with magic feet, capable of performing at the highest level.

In other news, an iconic Glasgow pub popular with Celtic supporters is under threat of closure.