"I got frustrated with that"; Ange Postecoglou's latest ambitious Celtic comments should delight support

By John McGinley

November 15, 2022

Ange Postecoglou doesn’t think Celtic will or should be held back by limited finances in Scottish football, feeling there’s no reason why the club shouldn’t push for Champions League progress.

The Celtic boss has been reflecting on the club’s first foray into the elite European tournament in five years and reckons there is massive room for improvement, unlike some of his career situations in the past where he was hindered by salary and spending restrictions.

Speaking with his team top of the league, Postecoglou even feels significant Celtic progress could help raise standards across the board in Scotland.

Photo by RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images

As quoted The Scottish Daily Mail [15/11 print edition, page 68], the Bhoys boss said: “If your goal is just to be the best house in your street but you live in a neighbourhood of thousands, you have to look beyond that. That’s not to disrespect the local competition. If anything, you hope that it raises the level. If we want to raise the level of Scottish football, then our best clubs need to get bigger and stronger and, hopefully, that drags others up — instead of just keeping the big clubs down and hoping that it makes it better.

“I come from Australia where we love equalising sports. People in Scotland talk a lot about the disparity of budgets and how it is unfair and all that. In Australia, they go the opposite way, where everyone has the same salary cap, the same resources and the same way of recruiting everyone through a draft. Every team and supporter thinks they can win it and you know what? I got frustrated with that. Because if you want to get better, you can’t.

“What they do is bring the best down to an equilibrium. We have 60,000 fans here every week and millions around the world. Why shouldn’t they have success at Champions League level?”

As if it needs to be made clearer, Postecoglou very much sees Celtic as a long-term project. Having won the Scottish Premiership in his first season, his next great measuring stick is European football.

Clearly, to shine at that level requires domestic success. He isn’t going to take his eye off the ball in the league – but it’s obvious his ambitions match those of the most optimistic Celtic fans. He believes a mark can be made in Europe.

It didn’t happen this year but with January mapped out and planning already underway for the summer transfer window, work continues on transforming the Bhoys into a genuine contender at the highest level.

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