"I think he's 100% right"; Prem boss backs Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou on baffling media issue

By John McGinley

March 12, 2022

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou said this week that analysis of games from Scottish football broadcasters is more about ‘referee watch’ than actually discussing the football.

And Livingston manager David Martindale wholeheartedly agrees with him after the absurd media outcry about Celtic’s win over his team last Sunday.

There was a lot of scrutiny on whether or not Celtic should have been given a corner in the build-up to the first goal, while BBC Sportscene jumped the shark with a baffling investigation on whether or not a throw-in should have stopped the Bhoys scoring again.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Martindale, to his credit, agreed with Postecoglou on Thursday night, speaking on The Go Radio Football Show.

The Livi boss said in response to Postecoglou’s press conference comments: “I actually think he’s 100% right. I spoke about the decisions myself, but collectively as a group, we spoke about it on Monday.

“There’s a first contact in the box and there’s the second contact in the box if we’re talking about that corner. So yeah, it wasn’t a corner. But we’ve got a defend our 18-yard box a lot better.

“I agree with what Ange has said to be honest. I spoke a bit after the game. There are a couple of decisions that led to goals but did we deserve anymore from the game? I don’t think so. Did Celtic deserve the three points from the game? I think they probably did.”

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“In the presence of greatness” | What the rest of football is saying about Celtic boss Postecoglou
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I think criticism of referees can be justified when howling errors are made. However, the ‘trial by Sportscene’ culture is growing increasingly tiresome.

They look for any tiny reason to talk down the game here, rather than speak about the balance of play, tactics or good chunks of attacking football.

If it’s not going into minute detail on throw-ins and corners, it’s an overfocus on bad defending.

I think Scottish football deserves better and hopefully the likes of Postecoglou and Martindale speaking out about the overfocus on decisions leads to some better editorial calls on these programmes down the line.

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