Incoming Celtic CEO Dominic McKay highlights 3 key reasons for early SRU departure

By David Walton

April 8, 2021

Incoming Celtic CEO Dominic McKay has been discussing why he’s leaving the SRU early after the announcement on Tuesday.

Celtic confirmed during the week that McKay will leave his role as COO of Scottish Rugby and arrive at Parkhead on April 19th. It’s a move that was surprising when looking at the bigger picture.

SRU Chief Executive Mark Dodson had stated in the past that McKay wouldn’t be leaving early [Daily Record]. This was after the original announcement of his appointment that confirmed McKay would join the club on July 1st.

Now, however, the tables have turned. Celtic are eyeing up July 1st as the date for McKay to officially take over from the departing Peter Lawwell. The period between April 19th and then, however, will be deemed a transition period. And the departing SRU man has discussed why he’s leaving earlier than expected.

Highlighting three key reasons on the Scottish Rugby podcast, McKay said: “Naturally with the end of the Six Nations for the men’s team, and the conclusion of the Six Nations, that’s a good moment to move on.

“Also we’ve got some big sponsor announcements we’ve announced today and we’ve also got the end of the Pro 14 season. So there’s a natural point there for me to move on.

“The business has been great, so I’m grateful for that opportunity to move on and it gives me the chance to reflect on 13 years of great fun with great people.”

An early Celtic arrival is best for everyone at Parkhead

This is big for Celtic. Getting McKay in is a major coup for the football club. In addition to that, it shows the board means business ahead of what’s a monumental season for us.

Getting him in early is also beneficial when it comes to the summer transfer window. Celtic have a colossal rebuild on their hands. It certainly won’t be a quiet summer, and given McKay will be the man handling the finances, he’ll be central to all of it.

If he was to arrive without the prospect of a smooth transition, then it could’ve led to him cutting his teeth in the job during a huge period for the club on the pitch. That would never have been ideal.

Incoming Celtic CEO Dominic McKay (L), striking a rugby deal in Singapore / (Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Granted, Celtic don’t even have their new manager in place yet. But that’s even more promising. The natural order of things would be to get McKay in before we press ahead on the new boss. It allows McKay to get to grips with the essentials before his most important work colleague arrives in the job.

As for McKay’s SRU departure, he can leave buzzing with the renewed interest in Scottish Rugby. The success of the Scottish National Team at this year’s Six Nations all leads back to him. Victories over the likes of England and France is a fine way to sign off, along with bagging big sponsorship deals with BT and Peter Vardy in what’s a huge financial boost for the organisation.

Hopefully, we see McKay’s business savvy come to the fore at Parkhead. And if he can help improve Celtic on the pitch the way he has with Scotland, we’ll be in a much better place next season.

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