"Incredible"; Brendan Rodgers' comments on class and humility is one bad joke to Celtic fans

By David Walton

March 16, 2021

The Celtic supporters were left with their jaws dropped after Brendan Rodgers’ ironic lecture on class and humility.

The Leicester City manager told Sky Sports that the Hoops should show class and give Rangers a guard of honour on Sunday. That’s despite the fact Rangers refused to do the same for Celtic back in 2019 after he departed and Neil Lennon secured the league title.

Rodgers’ departure from Celtic still attracts anger from the Parkhead support, and for good reason. He put eight-in-a-row in serious jeopardy with his lack of loyalty to the club.

Just because Rodgers looks like bagging a top-four finish down south, it doesn’t mean he’s been vindicated by the manner of his departure.

Rodgers preaches of class yet showed absolutely zero amounts of it when he left us in the lurch before a tough game at Tynecastle. He speaks of humility yet couldn’t get out the Lennoxtown back door quickly enough to sign a big-money deal in the EPL.

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Brendan Rodgers can’t teach Celtic supporters or anyone a lesson in class

He comes across as someone who’s totally oblivious to how he’s viewed amongst the Celtic support. It’s as if he tries to block out all supporter opinion on him.

Perhaps Rodgers feels that time will heal all wounds. That he’ll only be viewed in the long-term for his success and on-field legacy at Parkhead. And whilst what he did for this club for two-and-a-half years was unreal, his willingness to throw it away for the Premier League spotlight was pure betrayal.

Former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Therefore, when he comments about Celtic, supporters tend to get enraged. But none more so than when he’s informing us that we should show class. Some sort of common decency that he would show if he was in the same position.

It’s absolutely nonsensical to think that Celtic should give Rangers a guard of honour. It does nothing for our reputation outside of provide an embarrassing image that will always be used to insult us by rival supporters.

And it’s clear the Celtic fans aren’t interested in Rodgers’ ironic remarks yesterday either. Here’s a look at some of the reaction from the Parkhead support:

“Absolutely cringeworthy”

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