Ireland captain Shane Duffy thanks Celtic on Instagram

By Euan Davidson

May 7, 2021

Shane Duffy has thanked Celtic on Instagram.

It didn’t quite work out for the Ireland captain, who was on loan from Brighton and Hove Albion. After a very solid start to life at the club, a rough performance in the first Glasgow Derby of the season set an unfortunate tone. Duffy was winning many of his aerial duels, but his confidence, pace and concentration were constantly called into question.

He joined for 10IAR, and ultimately, that didn’t happen. He did, however, contribute to another part of Celtic history. Duffy played in the delayed 2020 Scottish Cup Final, helping the Bhoys achieve an unprecedented Quadruple Treble.

With a heartfelt message to his Instagram followers, Duffy said:

“Grateful for the opportunity to get the chance to play for a club that many dream about doing. Thanks to the supporters and the players for helping me through a tough year on and off the field.

“Not many know what goes on behind the scenes . Time to hit restart button and get myself sorted. Celtic football club will always have a place in my heart 💚 hail hail”



“Time to hit restart button”; why Celtic supporter Shane Duffy deserves some slack

It often goes unsaid, but it’s worthy of reminding: Shane Duffy lost his father shortly before joining Celtic. Duffy Sr was a massive Celtic supporter, and so is Shane. This move will have meant so, so much to him.

Going through the trauma of having a parent die young, and very suddenly, isn’t something you’d wish on anyone. In a normal job, Duffy might’ve taken some time off to recoup and recover. Instead, his mind was focused on trying to do his father proud, at the club they both love.

So Duffy’s nightmare season with us may have caused a great deal of frustration and anger, and that’s fair enough, but we need to remember the context here. The first Glasgow Derby utterly destroyed his confidence, as he struggled to make headway in a massive clash. His lack of pace, and missing interceptions, left Vasilis Barkas vulnerable behind him. Nobody will have taken that harder than him.

Shane Duffy struggled at Celtic / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It’s a significantly sad story. When he signed, he looked like he could be the tall, traditional centre-back perfect for playing alongside Ajer and Jullien. For an exhaustive list of reasons, it just wasn’t to be.

We hope Shane Duffy can put his career back on track after a monumentally difficult time.

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