"It was very nice I enjoyed it"; Viral 2012 Celtic tweet finally explained by Wanyama

By Euan Davidson

November 5, 2021

Celtic supporters, count yourself lucky; we finally have an explanation for a 2012 viral tweet via Victor Wanyama.

Some mysteries are never truly explained. What happened to the Mary Celeste? Who was Jack the Ripper? What was really in Al Capone’s vault? What inspired Victor Wanyama to tweet about Spaghetti?

Yes, it’s that tweet. In 2012, apropos of nothing, Kenyan sensation Victor Wanyama tweeted this:

Almost 10 anxious years later, we now have the backstory to the former Celtic man’s sudden exploration in complex carbohydrates. It comes from a simple, impulsive decision to go to a restaurant in Glasgow.

Wanyama described what went down before his famous declaration of pasta fondness [Football Scotland]:

“One day I went to training at Lennoxtown [Celtic’s training HQ] then I came back home. I chilled for a bit.

“It was around 6:30pm, I went somewhere in the city to eat. I was alone. I never go to a restaurant alone, but I was always by myself.

Ferencvaros 2-3 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

Ferencvaros 2-3 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

“So I went to this restaurant, I had pasta and yeah… I loved it!

“I loved it. It was really nice. I had to tweet about it. That’s how it started.”

No regretthi at all for the Montreal CF man, then. After discovering pasta in Glasgow, and writing a viral tweet about it, Wanyama moved to Southampton and then Tottenham Hotspur, where there have to be countless Italian restaurants.

Yesterday, it emerged that Wanyama, now 30, is keen on a return to Celtic, who he described as “more than a club”.

Whether it’s a viral tweet or remembering Wanyama and his big performances, the former Celtic man is a treat

Victor Wanyama is often cited as an example of the excellent scouting Celtic were doing in the early 2010s. Discovered in the Belgian league, he was moved on for a significant profit. He starred in the Premier League, was a Champions League finalist, and made an impact.

He should be remembered as more than just a financial asset, though. Even with his viral tweet to one side, Wanyama seems like he absolutely loved playing for Celtic. And in turn, fans loved “Big Vic”, as he was known.

We talk about great dressing room figures this season; Jota, Juranovic et al have spoken of the excellent atmosphere.

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

That 2012 side was something, though. Led by Scott Brown, and featuring the likes of Joe Ledley, Fraser Forster and Georgios Samaras, there were some real characters there. Chief amongst them, Victor Wanyama.

What a player, too. A dynamic, box-to-box midfielder with prowess from set pieces, Wanyama played such a significant role for Celtic. This viral tweet Wanyama posted is remembered perhaps because he was such a dominant force on the pitch, but seemed funny and curious off it.

What a guy. Big Vic wants to come back to Glasgow, and at 30, he could still do a job.

With so many Italian restaurants in Glasgow, he won’t be lacking for spaghetti options, either.

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