Jack Hendry talks up Scottish players moving abroad after Celtic departure

By David Walton

September 14, 2021

Former Celtic centre-back Jack Hendry has encouraged other Scottish players to take his path and move abroad.

Hendry didn’t manage to make the grade at Parkhead. Despite being signed to much hype in January 2018, the former Dundee man didn’t prove himself ready enough to be thrown into the Celtic first-team.

Instead, he decided to head to KV Oostende on loan where he managed to sparkle. Now, he’s with Club Brugge and set to gear up for a mouth-watering UEFA Champions League campaign.

Photo by TF-Images/Getty Images

And after quitting Celtic in the summer, he’s encouraging other Scots to follow him and start making their names on the continent.

Speaking to BBC Sportsound, Hendry said: “I’d say to any lads out there thinking to move abroad to use me as example that it can work and if you back yourself and put yourself in the right mindset you can go and achieve the things I’ve done.

“I think Scotland players get looked down and hopefully people see me and think we can go abroad and make a name for ourselves. Hopefully I can stay on this path, I’ve got a lot of learning to do and developing to do and hopefully I can keep doing that.

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“I’ve got a great stage to do it now at Club Brugge and hopefully I’ll keep progressing the way I have over the last year.”

Jack Hendry still has to prove himself further despite Celtic exit

Hendry speaks as though he’s a player that’s now proved himself. And whilst he did manage to bag a move to Brugge, massive tests still await him.

We can all argue whether Hendry has improved as a player or not. His performances with the Scotland national team suggests there are still clumsy errors in his game.

Just because he succeeded at KV Oostende, it doesn’t mean he’s ready to compete at the top levell. He’s still to prove himself there.

Photo by Nico Vereecken / Photo News via Getty Images

All that’s truly happened is that he’s gone to a lesser club than Celtic and managed to shine. Hendry had a solid year that’s put him back into the Scotland and given his career a rebirth. But it’s difficult to confirm any solid improvement until he competes in Europe.

His base point isn’t wrong of course. Scottish football don’t have enough talents making the jump abroad. Too often the utopia is to land in England. Players jump down south far too quickly at times and at any level too. Despite the fact there could be more exciting career opportunities in Europe.

Time will tell whether Hendry is actually a bonafide success in Belgium. But are Scottish stars missing a trick in not heading abroad? It’s difficult to argue otherwise.

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