Former Motherwell attacker James McFadden’s thoughts on the league title situation echoed Celtic manager Neil Lennon’s opinion.

Lennon took to the press on Friday after the decision was made to shutdown Scottish football for the foreseeable future. The Celtic boss claimed that it would only be fair if the Parkhead side were considered the champions should the season not come to an end.

There is no timeframe on how long football will be in the wilderness for. However, Celtic still sit 13 points clear at the top of the table, and would need to drop more points in the final eight games than they have all season to lose that advantage.


Celtic manager Neil Lennon

Celtic manager Neil Lennon (George Wood/Getty Images)

And McFadden, speaking on Sky Sports News today (Sky Sports News, 15/03, 12:39), has admitted that he would also like to see awards being given out but only if the season can’t end.

“I think it’s tough. There’s no doubt if the league resumes in the next week or two then Celtic would go on to win the league. I can see where Neil Lennon is coming from. But there are so many more issues that aren’t resolved. It’s a tough one.

“If that’s the two options (void or as is) then end with the positions they’re in. There’s been so much good football played over the course of the season so far and we’re nearly there. We’re nearly there. So I would rather it was finished to the point where there was winners crowned.

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“Unfortunately for the teams in the positions where it’s going to cost them, then that’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t like to see it being null and void because it’s been a fantastic season. It would be a shame for the players involved and the fans to say it doesn’t count for anything. That’s unfair.”

McFadden hits the nail on the head

Credit to McFadden for giving an honest opinion on the matter. He’s spot on too as he weighs up some of the more important aspects of the debate.

Whilst we don’t want to keep going over the same tired debate over what happens next, it’s imperative that the players’ efforts don’t just be forgotten about and dismissed.

Look up and down the league. Celtic, for example, have worked tirelessly to get into this stage. We weren’t just handed our 13-point advantage. It was earned over the course of 2020 and even further back since the start of pre-season when you consider the points accumulation we’ve had this year.

Sky Sports pundit James McFadden

Sky Sports pundit James McFadden (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Of course, it’s important to look at it from the other side. Hearts, who occupy bottom spot would be automatically relegated. That, to them, would be totally unjust given every other relegation-threatened team over the years have been given 38 games to get out of trouble instead of 30.

However, Hearts have been the worst team in the Premiership over a 30-game campaign so far. It’s not as if they only find themselves there after 5-10 matches. The season is coming to an end and they’ve underperformed for months and months. If they’re to be relegated, it won’t be down to anything other than their shocking performances on a week-to-week basis.

So fair play to McFadden for being brave enough to echo Lennon’s thoughts on Sky. Hopefully we can end the season, but the idea of anything being null and void is out of the question.

Do you agree with McFadden? Let us know how you would sort out the current situation via our discussion forum below.


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